Funeral Program Sample and What To Include

Funeral Program Sample and What To Include

Posted by admin on Aug 4th 2019

Funeral Program Sample Contents

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Today we’re going to look at what to include inside a bifold funeral program. This layout is created on 1 sheet of letter, legal or tabloid size paper and folded directly in half for a lovely printed memorial.

It’s important to note there is no absolutes and these are only guidelines that are changeable based on each family’s service.

We’ll be using our watercolor primrose  background design and several of our other popular template backdrops in this video as an example.

The Front of the Program

Depending on the background design you choose, you will have room for a front cover title such Celebrating the life of shown in this sample. You are able to remove and change that title if desired simple by deleting our word art program title, creating a text box of your own and then entering in your custom text.

Beneath the title is a photo box in which you can insert your special photo. The photo on the front cover is optional so you can place the photo on the inside or not at all, if desired. Our templates do come with a predesigned photo box on the front cover which can be removed if you would like only text presented.

The full name of the loved can be noted and if you want to include a nickname or maiden name, you can note them within quotes. Beneath the name is typically the date of birth through date of death.

If the background design allows, you can also include the date and place of the actual service at the very bottom. If there is not enough room for this on the front cover, you can place it at the top of the order of service page. like in this example.

The Inside Left Page

Typically on the inside of the bifold program, you will have a life biography or obituary.If you do not have one, you can place a special poem or scripture as well as additional photos here in its place.If your obituary is shorter, you can add an additional photo here and wrap your text around it to fill the page.

The Inside Right Page

You may add the order of service or the order in which the funeral service will be conducted. You can add the flow on the left and note who will be performing the task to the right. If you do not know the order of service, you may add photos on this page or a special poem, if desired.

The Back Cover Page

A special poem of remembrance may be added at the top if there is room. A general thank you or acknowledgement from the family may be noted along with the final resting place location and the funeral home who will be entrusted with the final arrangements.

If it is a ground burial, pallbearer name may be placed at the top along with any honorary pallbearers and flower bearer names.

The funeral program site is here to assist you as much or as little as you need our help. If you choose to use our funeral program templates to create your funeral program, we include filler text within all of our templates to help guide you along. We also provide services where we can customize the program for you, take it locally to get printed or use our all-inclusive design and print services. You always have options here at the funeral program site.

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