Funeral Program Site Superior Printing Services

Jun 28th 2018

"Yes, you can take your completed template file that you purchased from our online superstore to any printer", is the common response we give to this commonly asked question. While its true there are many places to take a completed funeral program to have printed, I wanted to take some time to write about the benefits of using our professional printing services.

Many may not know that we offer this type of service for those looking for an all-purpose solution to printing their funeral programs. While FedEx/Kinkos or Staples may offer an attractive low cost per page charge, there may be some things you aren't aware of when using their service. Instead of listing those items and bashing a reputable company's service, let me show you the top 5 benefits of why our printing services are superior.

First and foremost, we are not just a print shop. However, our specialty is doing funeral programs and printing them is all a part of that process. We know quality output and how the completed program must look in its final presentation. Here is a list of benefits you can gain from using our service:

1. We spot check your template to ensure alignment is correct and all photos included are not too dark. We will automatically touch them up to brighten them, if needed. We will also align all your pages to ensure nothing gets cut off.

When you provide us with a file, we don't just print whatever is on there. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers that their program is printed correctly.

2. Our pricing includes assembly and bleeds, if requested. Our pricing may appear high to you at first compared to the low quoted pricing give by other local large chains on the market. If you compare our pricing with that of others that include assembly (folding and stapling), you'll find we are quite comparable.

Many local printers quote you a price but assembly and trimming is extra. So you are getting the base pricing and not the total amount. If you use or obtain a quote from a local printer, make sure you get the entire amount including any trimming for bleeds and assembly.

3. We offer different finishes. You can select from matte or UV gloss finish. Many quick print places do not offer gloss finishes so you are stuck with a matte finish or printing on a gloss paper which can be costly but not result in the true glossy look you desire.

4. The paper we use is quality 32 lb. paper. We never print on anything less than that in weight. Doing so cheapens the look of your program and will not all your hard work justice in the end.

5. We are familiar with our templates and the various different layout. So if you have a graduated program, we know how to assemble them to perfection. Printers will not. You will either have to educate them and pay a high manual fold fee or fold them yourself.

If you would like samples of our printing service or simply want samples of programs, we are happy to send it to you free of charge.