Funeral Program Software Essentials Pak

Funeral Program Software Essentials Pak

Posted by Admin on Mar 7th 2019

Creating funeral programs for your funeral home has never been easier with the use of our  funeral program software package consisting of a variety of layout styles and beautiful backgrounds. Our packages are created with your funeral home in mind to help ease the preparation of this cherished printed memorial.

The Funeral Program Site specializes in funeral programs of all layouts, sizes and styles. We are the industry leader of template creation and matching memorials, that’s why its in our company name!

We’ve put together many different preset software packages for you to choose from and if you don’t see one that fits your needs, you can personalize a pack choosing your own layouts, sizes, and backgrounds! We love partnering with funeral homes because we know you offer a valuable service to bereaving families. We want to help make your presentation as polished and professional as ever.

Your package templates are mailed to you on a USB drive which you can save to your computer. You may load the templates on as many computers as you like. Your license includes you to produce programs to your families by using our template as a tool to do so. The main restriction is that you cannot resell our template to anyone outside your funeral home establishment.

Each funeral program software package includes a full color, spiral catalog so you can market the programs to your families in a professional manner. You don’t have to worry about printing a PDF file. We sent you a glossy, hardcover catalog that you can be proud of and puts your funeral home in a professional light. We can even imprint your funeral home name on the back of the catalog. You may order additional catalogs if you desire if you have multiple locations or funeral professionals that need to present printed memorials to your families.

Take a look at this video we’ve created especially for our funeral home potential partners. In order to take advantage of our large array of memorial products, you do need to purchase any of our packages. We will be your best kept secret because we are here to support you 24/7.

This Essentials pack includes a little bit of everything. This pack offers 90 template pre-designed layouts which consist of 50 letter bifold templates, 10 8 sided graduated style programs, 10 legal size  funeral booklets and 10 prayer cards. The backgrounds are pre-chosen for you based on their popularity.

You can use software you already own for editing our ready-made template files. You may choose from Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple Pages templates. We recommend you choose the software you feel most comfortable using.

Once you purchase any of our package, you are considered a member of the Funeral Program Site family and our VIP Partner! What that means is that your user account will get discounting pricing for everything on our website! So purchasing a matching memorial for your family will not be a problem! Finding a unique memorial keepsake will not be a problem because we have you covered!

You can add more styles and layouts to this package at the discounted pricing. Other layouts you might be interested in adding is our  gatefold funeral programs, bookmarks, or funeral announcements!

No other “Funeral Program Template Store” online (be it Etsy or a competing store who loves to copy our work) can match the quality, services and products we offer because we make them ourselves in-house! We do believe when other sites copy our business model, template layouts, and even our website colors! (yes––we know who you are) it means its because we are on top and the industry leader. Our packaged templates will catapult your business and set you apart from your competitors as well.

We do not do affiliate programs or wholesale to any retail store. We have a retail store in North Dallas where we stock many of our memorial products. If your in the area, we’d love to meet you and show you all we have to offer live and in person!

Rest assured, buying our packages doesn’t stop there. We are your support system should you need help with customization or technical assistance. It is a great setup and we are certain one that will grow your business and add an additional stream of revenue to your funeral home.

There is no special paper to purchase. You may print them on your office printer and use white copy paper. The color and background is already set inside the template file so we do recommend printing it on white paper so that a color paper does not clash with the background colors of the design. We do have simple backgrounds that are suitable for printing on a color sheet of paper, if desired.

Have a question regarding our package? Ask it on our Q&A tab below, we respond immediately! We are also happy to speak and provide you more information over the phone. The catalog you will receive with this package is presented below in our flip book style. Take a look and contact us today for the best funeral programs online!