Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jun 28th 2018

If your looking for a free funeral program template, our online superstore does provide a free template for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. Although we sell premium funeral programs, we've created a simple template that provides a format for a letter single fold program.

Our free template does not contain any background image but we do offer the entire layout formatted. Because there is no background included, you are able to insert your own background or photo. You can also not include a background and leave it as it is and print it on texture or colored paper.

This is a great template to use for those who prefer a simpler, cleaner presentation. You can also purchase one of our elegant titles if you want to add instant elegance to the front cover. It will amaze you to see just how much it can when you insert one of our scripted titles into your program. Our funeral bulletins make a difference as well as our memorial bookmarks!

Just scroll to our flower logo and download! Use it to be as creative as you'd like, you can embellish it with other clipart and add to the existing simple design or leave it just as it is. It is just a matter of preference and how you want it to end up looking.

If you want to view our premium templates you will find them in abundance anywhere within our vast amount of template categories. Please note that we do not provide technical support on our free template. Once you download  the funeral program template, we cannot assist you on how to customize it. You are welcome however to view our video tutorials and gain knowledge from there.

Happy creating, and may you make a special memorial program for your loved one.

You can view our other premium diy templates if you'd like a paid version with support with many backgrounds to choose from!