Customization Services

Apr 29th 2018

We also offer customization services for a reasonable price in which we will enter all the funeral program content and photos for you. This is offered exclusively for our clients who have purchased our templates. If your busy with other funeral preparations, short on time, or not familiar with Microsoft Word, we can do any of the following to assist you:

  • Crop, size, enhance photo, digitally correct and eliminate unwanted objects in a photo
  • Set your photo inside the front cover framing
  • Enter all titles and content text in the funeral program
  • Create additional inside pages of the same design
  • or all of the above!

Just email us the photo(s) and any content you want added and we'll take care of the rest. We can even print them for you or send you the completed file in a PDF and WORD format. Then all you need to do is print them or take them to an economy printing service.

This will save you time and you can then be freed up to take care of necessary items. Your program will look professional designed and will be customized to your specs. You don't have to worry about whether its going to turn out right or struggle with your Microsoft Word application any longer! We do all the work for you with quality and speed.

We're standing by if you would like to contact us to have your funeral program template customized and ready to go! All work is completed within 24 hours or LESS.