Funeral Sermon Outlines

Jun 28th 2018

The Funeral Program Site now has a nice collection of funeral sermons topics and outlines specifically for the funeral service given by the officiant, pastor or clergy. These outlines are spiritually based and provide a title and scripture reference for the basis of a message of hope and encouragement given at the ceremony. This is typically done by a pastor of a church but any service officiant can incorporate the structure of these outlines into a message.

We have categorized them into specific types of people and situations so it will be of easy reference for you to find an appropriate outline. You can add to the given foundation of the outline and they are a great way to begin. Bereaved families can also view and read them to gain some spiritual encouragement since they are written in a story-like fashion.

You can even place them inside one of our funeral service programs or one sheet programs and share them with all attendees. So the outlines will act as a form of reading or you can designate a family member or close friend to read it aloud. There are many uses for this great content and we encourage you to read through them to gain strength and healing for your soul.