Funeral Service Booklets

Funeral Service Booklets

Posted by Admin on Nov 12th 2018

Creating funeral service booklets is quite easy with any one of our templates! Funeral service booklets are essentially an expanded version of a funeral program. They contain an 8 sided program and more than one sheet of paper folded in half. Booklets are a centerfold presentation and are typically stapled down the middle to keep the pages in tact and from separating. They can be printed on three sizes of paper: letter; legal or tabloid size. The letter size booklet when folded measures 5.5" wide; legal size booklet measures 7" wide; and tabloid measuring 8.5" wide. So each paper size is half the size in width when the booklet is assembled and folded.

The funeral booklets are a great choice if you do not know how many pages you will need to create in a funeral program. Sometimes families do not know until the last minute or when not until they get down to entering the information and gathering information. The center fold booklets are then a good choice since it can be expanded as needed. Other formats such as the graduated fold or trifold brochure are not expandable to multiple pages and therefore a little more constricting as far as content inclusion. The booklet can be advantageous for those seeking a grander program presentation or want to include a true keepsake booklet with highlights from the loved one's life as well as incorporate photos throughout the years. This type of booklet serves as a type of "yearbook" or biography booklet which is a nice layout for keeping a type of history for future generations to remember.

When you are adding more pages to create a booklet and depending on the software you choose to do your editing, it does add a level of complexity to your creation process. Software such as Microsoft Word requires more steps to create pages than Publisher. Your skill level in using these applications will dictate the time it will take of you to accomplish this task. For Word, each page much be created with the desired background copied. You also need to remember that what you see on the screen is not the order in which it folds. Word does not have a booklet layout as Publisher does. This means that you will need to organize your pages carefully and remember that the order you see on the screen is not the order in which your booklet will flow. We do recommend using Publisher if possible to create your booklet when utilizing our booklet templates, regardless of the size. Publisher enables you to duplicate a page with one click and our booklet templates are setup in a booklet style format so that the order you see each page will be the order that it will be presented in the folded booklet.

In a funeral service, funeral booklets can be distributed to all attendees as a memorial keepsake of the deceased. These booklets can contain an expanded or detailed obituary, funeral order of service, photos of the deceased throughout their life, scripture readings, poems, hymn or song lyrics, and a special note from the bereaved family. Funeral booklets are a valuable addition to the memorial service because they highlight a loved one's life and attendees really enjoy taking something tangible home in remembrance of the deceased.

It is a known fact that people tend to keep these memorials for many years after the funeral because it is reflected as a symbol that brings closure to a person's life. A funeral service booklet is easy to create and is cost effective but you will need to plan ahead to allow for some time in gathering your information and related photos.

The best solution in creating funeral service booklets is to purchase a template. Templates are a great tool to use because they save time, money, and energy for creativity! The best types of templates to use are the letter-size pre-designed booklets because this size is universal and can easily be folded in half to create a booklet presentation.

You can also create funeral service booklets quickly and this is especially good if your under a time constraint. The end result will look like you've spent weeks perfecting the design when in actuality, it only took you an hour at the most. Of course, the amount of time it takes you to complete a booklet using a template will depend on how many pages your booklet is and how proficient you are with the application.

Templates will come in various applications. The most widely used application today is Microsoft Word. From the PC end,  Publisher is also a good second choice. If you are a mac user, Apple iWorks Pages can help assist you in creating and producing a funeral service booklet. Purchase one of our funeral service booklet templates from our catalog. These templates are formatted for two pages but if you need additional pages, we will supply you the easy procedure in creating more pages to the template.