Candlelight Memorial Funeral Service Program Template

Jun 30th 2018

Introducing our newly designed funeral service program template entitled "Candlelight", which is now ready for purchase on our funeral programs online store. Check the Floral Themed templates category for this particular design in a single fold program.

This funeral service template design is a background of soft velvety red, flowing curtains and a glow of candles which are lit to the left of your loved one's photo. It will be a beautiful memorial to your loved one as the candles depict a special tribute especially for your family member.

Red florals and touches of fern adorn the bottom of the candle stands. Use this program for a daughter, aunt, sister, mother, grandmother or friend. You can purchase and view more of our funeral program templates at our online store. We have a variety of designs and styles available to fit any type of personality and preference.