Funeral Software Packages

Jun 29th 2018

Visit our online store to purchase any of the discounted funeral software packages.

Did you know you can save upwards of an 80% discount for our beautiful funeral program templates? Yes! We have 8 different funeral home software packages available exclusively for businesses, churches, funeral homes, or anyone servicing the death care industry. The packages at The Funeral Program Site are unique because you can use them for many purposes.

No, our packages are not meaning poorly made or poor in quality. They are highend quality templates including our full customer support which serves you 7 days a week. You can select from our predefined templates which are made up of our best selling designs or you can put together your own package and choose whatever style and design you want to include.

You may find other software packages or templates that are bundles at a much lower price but remember, you get what you pay for! We are unmatched as far as our quality, designs, and support. You can choose from our packages with full editable titles or with our beautiful scripted titles available in three layouts: Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Apple iWork Pages.

Each package comes with a laminated or spiral bound catalog so you are able to market them accordingly and at your leisure. They are filled with memorial bookmarks, prayer cards, memorial folders, graduated programs, funeral cards, postcards and thank you cards!

We give you rights to brand them as your own, so no one ever has to know we created them for you. Join the many businesses that have already used and purchased our software packages. Set your business apart! View our software today and get the best discount per template as you possibly can. They will pay for themselves as you use them in no time at all!