Funeral Songs

Jun 29th 2018

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There are many great funeral songs to select from when planning a funeral for a loved one or friend. Songs can range from different genres and they do not necessarily all have to be of a religious nature. The faith based songs or funeral hymns are the most popular and are played more frequently at funeral or memorial services however, there are many other funeral songs that families choose from various other genres.

Funeral songs can be played on a CD during or throughout the service. It can also be sung by a vocalist or played by an instrumentalist. It is up to the family to determine how they would like to have the funeral songs played. Often songs are selected that were favorites of the deceased. It is not uncommon that we use music to express our emotion and say things we are unable to say. Funeral services are no different. Funeral music is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a life that has been lost recently.

You can get a great selection of funeral song titles and music selections from our website. Here we list the specific song titles and the genres they fall under. Sometimes, if the deceased didn't have a favorite song, selecting funeral songs can be challenging. There is a list of songs that are played quite often at funeral services and are considered to be the top funeral songs for a service. Check out our listing of the music you can include in the funeral or memorial service.