Funeral Template Download Files

Jun 28th 2018

We often get a lot of calls from customers wondering what happened to their template file after its been downloaded? Below is the proper procedure on how to download one of our templates so you will be able to find it and begin your editing. You may also use this procedure to save it to your computer.

When you click on the download link we provide you immediately after purchase, you will be prompted with a SAVE or OPEN message if you are using Internet Explorer. At this point, you want to say SAVE. In the popup window that will appear, pulldown the window and choose your desktop or the selection may be on the left bar which you will need to scroll through in order to find the desktop icon.

Once you select the desktop, the computer download will then proceed to place it there once it has completed transferring the file over. When the download is complete, navigate over to your desktop and check to make sure you see the template icon file there. Double click on the icon to open up the template in your application purchased.

If you accidentally hit OPEN instead of SAVE, its not the end of the world. Your computer did save it, its just not in the most obvious place. Check your DOWNLOADS folder to find the file, often computers default to that particular folder unless you have otherwise changed it.

We always recommend that you save to your desktop when editing the file for easy access. Once you are finished editing and customizing, you can always file it to the folder of your choice for the next use. When you hit OPEN instead of the SAVE button at the download, it will open up the document sometimes in "read only" mode which does not allow you to edit it. If you are able to enable editing once opened, you should immediately do a SAVE AS... and save it to your desktop.

If you do not and continue working in it and hitting the save icon on the top left, it will save it to your temporary folder on your computer. Depending on which operating system your working in will determine the path to that folder. It is challenging to locate and sometimes time consuming. So in order to save time, always, always save to your desktop!