Funeral Thanksgiving Service

Jun 28th 2018

As we begin to approach the upcoming Thanksgiving season, you may want to consider holding a funeral service with a Thanksgiving theme. We have provided an outline for you on two different types of ceremony that include this theme. The theme of hope and gratitude is a common one for services held during this time of year. Usually these ceremonies are done in a church or religious service but you can also incorporate them into a service held in the funeral home or even mortuary that is not necessarily performed in a church.

This can be done for any denomination as well. There is a common element in both examples we provide for you here. It is the Thanksgiving for the Life of "Name of Loved One". Basically what this contains is being thankful or showing gratitude verbally aloud to everyone present and sharing things about the deceased you were thankful for. Maybe it was something about his or her personality or character that made a big impact on you or others. It is a form of tribute to the loved one.

The two examples we provide outline a longer ceremony and one that is shorter. The scripture references may also reference hope and thankfulness to complete the theme. If you want to have these items of thanksgiving included in your ceremony, talk to your pastor or the clergy of the church and see if they can include these elements. More than likely, they will be happy to accommodate your request.

The message of thanksgiving is always appropriate anytime of year. Usually hope and thanksgiving will go hand-in-hand together and the officient may offer some additional verses or scripture for hope. It is a good idea to incorporate these into the order of service since often many people associate holidays with pain when a death occurs. Including a message of hope and thanksgiving or other type of holiday, may start the healing process and give a more encouraging message for the bereaved family.