Gatefold Funeral Program

Gatefold Funeral Program

Posted by Admin on Feb 25th 2019

Gatefold funeral programs are an elegant and unique program presentation and is a most commonly used layout for weddings and memorials. It is referred to as a gatefold because the front flaps fold out simulating the opening of a gate.

Some families want to provide something special and different than the traditional center fold program that is handed out. This layout is an attractive choice because of the front gate, it can be reminiscent of heaven’s gate where a loved one may now be at rest.

Gatefold programs can come in two sizes, a legal and larger tabloid size. The legal size is the smaller one in this case and can be easily printed on a home printer because most home printers can print legal sheets. The tabloid size must be taken to a copy shop or commercial printer since most home printers do not print the larger tabloid 11” x 17” paper.

A gatefold in a letter size is not available due to the insufficient space to properly fold the two gates on the cover so templates are not available in this size paper. You are not able to add any pages to the templates for the gatefold layout, so be sure your information and photos will be able to fit within the sizing of the format.

Keep in mind that all printers do render colors differently, so its best to print all of your programs on one printer. It is also recommended that you take the finished edited file to the printer and have them print it from that rather than making hard copies of a program you printed.

The quality will be better if you provide a digital file to the printer and they print from that file. Each print out will be as if they printed it the first time and colors will be even throughout. When you are finished customizing, you can take the file anywhere to get printed or utilize our professional printing services.

Let’s take a closer look at our DIY gatefold template: You will find that it contains two pages within the document. The first page is the front and the second page for the inside. You will also find filler text and predesigned photo shape boxes which you can edit and fill with your own information.

If you do need additional room and love the gatefold layout, our full service design and print does offer a  gatefold graduated funeral program combination. It offers ample room to accommodate your text and photos! This layout is similar in the front with the gate folding out but the inside opens up to reveal an 8-sided graduated layout. It is simply an amazing program that will get everybody’s attention! So, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered in all areas of your program and memorial products! Here is the link if you’d like to view the selection of this special combination exclusively by The Funeral Program Site.

You can choose from our assortment of designs or if you do not see a design, we can certainly create it for you as a template. Simply call in your order if you do not see one on our website and we’ll custom design and create it for you then email you the completed template file.

You will be provided the download files for Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple Pages. So you can take your pic on which one you want to use for editing your template file. Having the download for each variation is a benefit because if you change your mind, you can easily go into your account and download another template type and begin editing.

The Funeral Program Site is the first to bring you the gatefold funeral program template and we are brought to be the originators of this layout. We have been in the business for over a decade in the online world and continue to be the industry leader in printed memorials.

Check out our wonderful selection of not only gatefold programs, but other unique layouts and template designs you can do yourself. You have a lot of options available when shopping at our online superstore and the support you need to create your desired program!