Gatefold Program Templates

Jun 29th 2018

The Funeral Program Site online SUPERSTORE is now offering Gatefold Program Templates in our signature beautiful designs which are compatible for Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages. These templates provide a unique presentation for the funeral program and are printed on legal size paper.

As with all our designs, there is always a full color front and back design for a complete presentation. Our gatefold programs are easy to customize as with any of our templates. We have some new designs as well as our existing designs converted into this layout. Because this template is set in a legal size layout, there is plenty of room to contain the order of service, obituary, poetry, or bible and scripture verses.

The format has preformatted text boxes and two photo boxes to accomodate photos of your loved one. You can remove or add more photo boxes if desired. You can also add or remove text boxes, if desired. The template is very easy to put together as well. It is referred to as a gatefold because of the way it opens up. The front folds are folded inwards and when you open the program you will open the flaps towards you as if you are opening a gate.

It may look complicated but it is easy to accomplish using our template. You will love the ease of use and the versatility of the design. We offer both preprinted titles and gatefold programs in our any occasion design templates, which you can fully edit the titles up to whatever you wish. Whatever your need in creating a memorial keepsake, we have it!

Also see our great seelction of memorial photo candles as a wonderful memorial tribute.