Glass Cylinder Memorial Candles In Loving Memory

Glass Cylinder Memorial Candles In Loving Memory

Posted by Admin on Apr 6th 2019

Lighting candles at a funeral or memorial service is a common occurrence and one that many people do in honor of a loved one. Candles create a soothing, peaceful environment and can calm the inner spirit that may be at unrest during a time of loss.

It’s no secret we have the best and largest selection of memorial candles! Because we manufacture them in-house, you are able to get the best pricing and selection available at no other place online except on our website superstore.

Light in memory of a loved one on any day of the year. We offer many different ways to create a lighted memorial. Our glass memorial candles are a treasured sympathy gift. They measure 6” tall by approx. 3” in diameter. Our full color artwork is printed directly onto the glass surface, giving it a professional and quality finish.

You do not have to submit a photo if you do not wish to include one. Sometimes, families do not have a good photo or a photo at all to place on a memorial keepsake item. That’s OK. You can still create a memorial as a form of a loving tribute with just personalizing a name and perhaps a special verse or quote beneath it.

We imprint on almost any surface so this is certainly possible when you shop at The Funeral Program Site. Our glass candles include your personalized text and optional photo on the artwork. We expertly remove your photo’s background and seamlessly integrate it into our design.

Here’s a recent video on our glass cylinder memorial candle with actual samples of our previous productions so you can see exactly what your getting. We also have many different kinds of candles if you’d like to view other options, check out our memorial candles department of our website.

We have hundreds of  memorial backgrounds to choose from for our candle memorial. Chances are you will find the perfect backdrop. This is especially useful when you do not particularly like the background of your subject’s photo. We know this may be a concern to many families and that is why we offer the background removal included in all our memorial products and printed memorials.

You may leave the background of your photo is you wish. You will just need to let us know so we can ensure to leave it in tact on whatever you order. You have many options when ordering your keepsake with us. You are never locked into one particular thing. We understand the importance of having a memorial keepsake and that is why we do our best to accommodate whatever the family wants, if we are able.

The Funeral Program Site is a proud provider of DIY funeral program templates and memorial keepsake items that are personalized to perfection. We have been servicing the death care community for many years so we know our stuff. We also have a retail store that is available for those who are in the North Dallas, Texas vicinity. We love when our customers drop in for a visit and see in person our quality products.

You can click on the visit link below to get directions from our google maps right to our store! We are glad to visit with you and assist you in any way you need to create that special and treasured item. This candle can also be passed on to generations. I have a glass candle with my great grandparents on it and it proudly represents my heritage and roots!

If you do submit a photo, know that we will take great lengths to ensure your photo is enhanced and seamlessly integrated into the background of your choice. Because we imprint directly onto the glass cylinder holder of our memorial candle, the artwork will never peel or come off!

We never use stickers or paper to wrap our glass cylinder with your artwork. Doing such a method is not a permanent option and the paper will eventually yellow or tear. This is why it’s important to see the difference with our printing method which is the best choice since it will not do any of these things once we cure it with our special technique.

It includes a wax candle, ready for lighting. When this has burned down, you can easily purchase another candle anywhere and keep lighting a memory for as long as you wish! The glass container will never wear out.

Glass Memorial Candles In Loving Memory by The Funeral Program Site

The Funeral Program Site offers many ways to create a lighted memorial. Our glass memorial includes a wax candle ready for lighting. Your full color artwork is printed directly on the glass for a quality finish! No stickers here! 

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