Golden Funeral Program Design

Golden Funeral Program Design

Posted by Admin on Oct 31st 2018

Flowers are always a welcome addition to any event, especially a funeral or memorial service. You will often see flower arrangements incorporated into the ceremony and gravesite. This is because flowers are a ubiquitous decoration which brings comfort, joy, happiness, and can lift anyone's spirit. Our lovely "Golden" inspired floral funeral program template design is no different and creates a phenomenal pamphlet everyone will adore.

The flowers in this floral background design vary from bright pink, touches of orchid purple blooms and green foliage running throughout. The lace pattern sits upon an ivory solid color which gives it an overall subtle presentation. Our bouquet is set in a diagonal to add interest and a creative flair.  You can choose any shape you desire to set your photo in for the front cover.  We do offer our Golden design in a variety of layouts so you can mix and match printed memorials as you like.

This arrangement is done with a bright bouquet set up against a golden background with soft lighting projecting from the top corner. The backdrop is a soft textured lacy pattern which creates a lovely texture for any flower arrangement. The main colors for this funeral program order of service template are golden hues. The inside displays a complimentary color with white overlay and soft pastel borders to display your funeral programs text.

The beauty of shopping for printed and keepsake memorials from our online store is that our background can be placed on just about anything we offer. Most online template sellers do not have matching memorial products so you are left to go online and search for another that may not match your theme or colors. Sometimes this is an important factor for families and basic template sellers are just not able to provide matching memorial items. It is an art to create memorial products that match your program and we are proud to be the only retailer online that is equipped to do so. We retail facility has all the equipment needed to press your favorite background into any surface known to man!

This design is a great choice for a female who enjoyed the bright colors of spring as blossoms come into bloom. Perhaps she loved flowers or even tended a garden. Because of the bright pink flowers in this design, one can easily use it also for a breast cancer style program. Adding a pink awareness ribbon will finish off this design to compliment and raise awareness for this worthy cause.

All of our templates enable you to add or embellish the design if you like. So this means you can find transparent vector clipart and easily insert them into the template. We do recommend you use a .png file which provides a transparent background so that it will blend nicely into our backdrop. You can also use .jpg clipart files if you like which will give you a whole presentation.

The ivory solid color in this template gives it a neutral coloring so it does not clash with your photo that will sit in front of it.  As with all our templates, you do not have to use a front cover photo if you do not wish to have one. Our templates look great with or without a photo and always looks continuous in its overall appearance.