Graduated Style Funeral Programs

Mar 20th 2018

What is a graduated style program? The graduated program or otherwise referred to as a graduated step fold program provides one or three tabs on the right or bottom of the program once folded. It is best to select your style based on the amount of photos and text you will include within your program.

You can use this type of layout for wedding programs, anniversary parties, reunions, funerals and just about any event or even business advertisement handout. It is versatile and offers many uses.

Here is a short video on a summary of our 4-page graduated style program templates. If you'd rather watch then read, this vid will give you more insight on our popular layout. Alternatively, you can continue reading below for a short but sweet, description of our template styles.

There are actually various types and sizes of graduated style programs available from our online store. Most people love this look because it appears orderly since the tabs can have a specific section of information. It is also a unique presentation and add interest to the viewer when viewing. It is by far, my personal favorite layout since layout is what we specialize in.

2-Page Graduated Program - It is referred to as a 2-page because that's how many pages it will print on. This style is printed on one sheet, front and back and provides four sides where you are able to personalize the page by adding photos, text or any combination of both. It is similar to the single fold but instead of folding directly in half, the fold is offset so it folds just almost to the center, thereby revealing the side tab. This can be created in any size paper– letter, legal or tabloid size and is easy to assemble. Graduated Program - It is referred to as a 4-page because you will print this 2 sheets of paper, front and back or if you take it somewhere to get printed, you will be charged for four pages. This one reveals three tabs with various shades of the tab color to add dimension. Although easy to assemble it does require a bit more attention since you will now fold two sheets of paper in an offset fashion. This style is available in letter, legal, and tabloid sizes.

4-Page Graduated Bottom Fold - Similar to the side tab, this is printed on two sheets of paper, front and back. The difference is the tabs are presented at the bottom as opposed to the right side. This type of program is a little trickier because of the back page orientation therefore, it is recommended you use only Publisher®, Apple Pages®, or OpenOffice to edit the bottom fold programs. The bottom fold is available in a 2-page or a 4-page layout (as shown here).

If your interested in learning how to fold this, see our video below for a step-by-step instruction on folding a 4-page graduated program. Of course, we are also very supportive, so if you get stuck, just contact us for additional assistance!

And that's all there is to it!

Our online superstore offers all the above layouts for graduated style programs. We are the industry leader and specialize in this type of program template. We also offer printing/assembling services with a speedy turnaround