Guide to Memorial Flowers

Mar 23rd 2018

Memorial flowers are some of the ones that need careful choosing and consideration. It’s said that the choice should be primarily based on one’s feelings and relationship with the departed person. It’s a delicate situation in which an elegant bouquet will express one’s sympathy best. It’s not about going over the top, but showing genuine emotion. The memorial flowers sent to the family of the departed one offer comfort at a tough time. For centuries it’s been a tradition to adorn the memorial service with beautiful flowers, while saying one’s last goodbye. So how should you choose the memorial flowers?

The first thing to do is find the right species of flowers in the proper colour for the occasion. The most popular choices, accepted for memorial flowers, are lilies, carnations, roses, gerbera daisies and calla lilies. They are beautiful, yet simple flowers – nothing too much. In terms of the right colours, be aware that each colour represents a different meaning.

  • White – a symbol of elegance, innocence and purity, white represents simple beauty. These elements are appropriate for this occasion.
  • Yellow – works best when paired with white flowers. An expression of friendship and loss.
  • Red – often used in memorial arrangements to express a feeling of sorrow and a deep emotion for the departed one.
  • Blue – a colour that represents tranquility and peace, a deep expression of sorrow. For many people this is the perfect memorial colour.
  • Black – it’s still debatable whether black flowers are appropriate for a funeral, since this is a sordid event and black can make it even gloomier. However, mixed with blue or red, the bouquet can look quite good.
  • The whole idea of the memorial flowers is to bring calmness to the relatives and friends of the passed away and to pay tribute for the lost one. Therefore, no bright colours or quirky designs look appropriate for such a serious event. Keep it simple and elegant and if you want to make it extra special, order a big wreath. They are pricier, but look absolutely beautiful. There are different arrangements with memorial flowers available. Your local florist should be able to provide you with samples and create a beautiful and tasteful arrangement.

    Some of the ways for giving memorial flowers are: in a basket, casket spray, standing spray, garland, hinge spray, wreath, bouquet, corsage, hand spray, table arrangement, foot or pillow basket. These original ways of arranging memorial flowers will pay your last tribute to the person you’ve lost. You can order an elegant casket spray made of white irises, carnations, freesias, roses and peonies.

    Here is a list of the best arrangements which you can consider for the funeral day:

  • A wreath of daisy poms, fresh lilies, waxflower, roses and button poms – in yellow and a lot of greenery.
  • A basket full of blue delphiniums, white roses and white gladiolus. An elegant mixture expressing your deepest sorrow.
  • A basket with yellow roses, sunflowers, larkspur, lilies and snapdragons – for commemorating the loss of a dear friend.
  • A standing basket of lavender monte casino, pink roses, pink lilies and some accent of salal and springeri.
  • A bouquet of fresh freesia, gerbera daisies, hydrangea and stargazer lilies – in white, purple or blue.
  • Memorial flowers are supposed to pay one’s tribute and offer condolences – they should be appreciated for their beauty and their very presence is comforting.