How Do I Make a Funeral Program For Free?

How Do I Make a Funeral Program For Free?

Posted by Admin on Feb 20th 2019

Today we will address the question that's on everyone’s lips, “how do I make funeral program for free?” Creating a funeral program at no cost is possible. But you'll need to be aware of a few things before you search google for a great tool that seems like a good idea.

With the internet being such a large resource thats available to all of us, you’ll find websites that provide a free funeral program template that you can download pretty easily. Be careful before clicking on a link as we’ve discovered some sites that put the “free” in their web page title but in realty, they are not free at all-- but may just be a means to drive you to their website.

A free template will usually provide a blank background with the program, but that might be ok if your looking for something simple. The company may also not provide any technical support so you’ll be on your own as far as editing the template. But that might be ok if you know your way around software like Microsoft Word. You may also be limited to the size and style of the program meaning that the free template may be offered in a  letter bifold or center program fold presentation. Again, that might be ok if you want to stick with a traditional layout.

Personally, I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for. Cheap or free doesn’t always necessarily mean, it will be void of any technical issues or headaches. On the flip side, you could also not experience any problems at all. There are a lot of moving parts here such as your comfortability with the software, your computer configuration, or how well the template was setup to begin with.

But with all that needs to be done during the funeral planning process, it can get overwhelming and running up additional issues can get stressful. So be aware of what might also come with a free template. We recommend that if you have a little time to spare, you try out a free template, after all what do you have to lose, right? Well, in the funeral planning process, it’s time. You might want to consider starting with the free template download and then see how things go. There is a 50/50 chance that you may not experience any issues at all. If you do encounter problems that may require more technical expertise than you can give, you may want to purchase a premium template from a reputable company such as The Funeral Program Site.

We do provide a free downloadable letter size, bifold funeral program template on our facebook fan page which you can get to right here in the link below. It is a template created for Microsoft Word either on a MAC or Windows based computers. You can test the waters so to speak, and see if you can work within the template to accomplish what you want. We also offer premium templates with many wonderful themes and colors if you’d like to choose the paid version, which is always backed with our customer support. There are also matching memorial products with the same background should you want to keep a theme going and create a decorative keepsake.

Most people choose not to create a funeral program from scratch which is also free but requires more time and technical, creative skills. Because Microsoft Word was originally intended to be a word processing software, it can be limited in the graphic features one needs to do any type of designing. But if your program consists of just text or mainly text, you can also download any of Microsoft’s free generic program templates from their website.

The Funeral Program Site offers many options to help you create a program. We’ve tailored our services to provide you help as much or as little as you need. There are DIY templates that you can just download and edit yourself, giving you a jump start in the creative and layout process. We offer preprinted program paper with a free template that aligns perfectly with our paper, to help you offset any color printing cost. We offer full design and print services in case you want to let a professional totally create and print your memorial program. We know today, you have a lot of choices online on where to purchase a funeral program template, so we do our best to provide an array of services and choices depending on your timeframe and budget.

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