How to Customize Your Free Funeral Program Template

Apr 29th 2018

So now that you've downloaded your free funeral program template from our website, here are some instructions on customizing your template. Although our template is great just as it is, you may want to consider further 'tweaking' it to produce the best looking program.

Are you a visual learner?

No problem, watch our step by step video tutorial on customizing your free funeral program template here or continue scrolling down to read about each step.

Written Procedures

1. Download your free funeral program template from our website and save it to your desktop or a desired location on your computer.

2. Double click on the downloaded zip file icon to extract the file template contents. Double click on the WORD document template to open up Microsoft Word and view your free template.

3. Set your document to view 75% so you can see our template in its entirety before placing your photo. Do this by changed the 100% drop down menu at the top of the page.

4. To insert your photo, place your cursor inside the green box. Delete the spaces and text in the green box by holding down your mouse and dragging upwards, then depressing the delete key on your keyboard. Your cursor should be at the top middle of the green box.

5. Now insert your photo by selecting INSERT>PICTURE>FROM FILE... and choose your photo on your desktop.

6. The photo will then be inserted inside the green box. To side the photo, select it and size it down accordingly by dragging the white boxes on the corner of the photo. You will notice the green box will size down with you and remain a constant border around the photo. Nice!

7. Next, customize the caption 3 title caption fonts. Select the one above the photo and select FORMAT>FONT> and choose your desired font. Do this for the title on the back of the program and on the inside page at the upper right hand corner. **DESIGN TIP :-) : Use the same style font for each section so you maintain a consistant look and feel of your program.

8. Now your ready to customize the text within your program. Great work! Be sure to read about the important tips for optimium printing of your new lovely template.

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