How To Make A Funeral Program In Word

How To Make A Funeral Program In Word

Mar 17th 2019

If your like most families who have recently lost a loved one, emotions are running high and there is much to do in a short amount of time! Funeral planning doesn't leave a very wide window for tending to the final arrangements however, you can still create the perfect memorial or funeral program for your loved one! When learning how to make a funeral program in Word, we recommend using a template so you don't have to recreate the wheel.

Microsoft Word is a popular choice for editing funeral program templates because most everyone has this software already installed on their computer. Using a funeral program template from The Funeral Program Site won't be overwhelming because our templates are professional grade designs that are easy to edit. You don't have to spend a lot of time on the computer since we’ve done most of the work already for you!

Our template for Word is predesigned with a lovely background of your choice and the layout already formatted perfectly! We also provide other accessories that can accompany the funeral program such as prayer cards, thank you cards, and announcements. There are also hundreds of matching memorials that you can choose from that stays with the same background or similar in nature.

Although Word can prove to be a challenge for most people, utilizing our funeral template can be quite helpful in aiding you with the proper tools to create such a memorial. Because each version of WORD varies slightly in how you do things, we provide you with the support you need in case you have a question or get stuck. Our customer support is award winning, friendly and patient.

Sometimes Word can be a challenge depending on your operating system and technical skills. Although you do not need creative or technical skills when using our templates, you may need to be pointed in the right direction for certain things you want to do.

Here's one of our many how-to videos to give you a taste on how to edit our funeral program template for Word. We take you right into the template so you can see exactly what your getting prior to purchasing.

Each procedure for a MAC or Windows computer will also vary as well as what operating system you are using. We offer many different how to videos (and the list just keeps on growing!) because we know how important it is for you to complete the program in a timely manner.

Just rest assured, you are in good hands and know that we are experts in what we do so you will always receive the care you need.

Word templates come pre-designed and formatted. There are text and photo boxes already placed for you which takes building the foundation of the design out of the equation. This time saving idea is a must for those seeking a great shortcut to production.

Here are the steps for creating the perfect program:

1. Decide on a theme or program design. There are hundreds of designs to choose from in our online store, select one that is an extension of your loved one's personality or likes.

2. Determine and gather what you would like to include in the program such as photographs, text relating to the life biography, poetry. Then decide what type of layout would best fit all of your information and photo(s). If you have a lot of text, you may want to consider creating a booklet instead of a single letter size program. This will enable you to have more space to accommodate what you need.

3. Decide whether or not you have the time to put it together yourself. If you do not, enlist the help of a friend or use our store's customization service. You do not have to take this on yourself if you simply do not have the time or resources.

4. Decide where you want to have the final program printed. You can choose to print it on your own home printer, take it to any office supply store or use our professional printing services.

The main thing to remember is to assess what you currently have on your plate. If it is too much, websites such as ours can come along side of you to assist you in the creation of this program. This is our special customization service where a professional graphic designer will help you create the layout and beautify your program. This is a great choice for those who are short on time and need an extra boost of help during an already stressful time.

The Funeral Program Site provides you with options on creating a program in Word. You can create it yourself with our DIY amazing templates, we can help create it for you with our expert  customization services or you can choose to let us do everything for you! We know every family is unique in their needs and budgets and that is why we are more than just a “template” site. As you can see from our large website, we offer every way possible to help you create a funeral program. We are a full service shop with many options, choices and products for our customers.

We encourage you to view our inspiration sample library of our work prior to ordering so you can feel confident in our services and products. Don’t forget to watch our extensive collection of how-to and product videos from our library. They help you to get to know us before even picking up the phone. We know you have options when it comes to your loved one’s printed memorials and we thank you for taking the time to research our website. If you have any further questions, please contact us.