In Honor of Your Mother's Memory

Jun 28th 2018

This is a day where mother's all around the world are being honored and thanked for their dedication and love they have provided for their children. Even if your mother is no longer living, you can still honor her memory with a wonderful Mother's Day keepsake such as one of our plantable seed cards.

Planting a seed on this day can be a wonderful annual reminder and tribute to her year after year. What a perfect day to plant something that blossoms every time this year than a wildflower seed card. You can also buy some wildflower seeds and plant them in your garden and be reminded that on Mother's Day you planted something that yields blossoms every year.

Honoring a mom can be in the form of anything, whether it is planting something in her memory or writing her a letter, playing one of her favorite songs that reminds you of her, or even looking at old photographs of her. It can be a special time you set aside to remember her and the life she had with you.

It is a beautiful way to say "I love you, mom" even when she is not physically with you. A mother's touch can have an everlasting impact on her children and can shape who them become later in life. Some may not have pleasant memories but you can still learn from that experience. Loving mother's are a gift from God and should never be taken for granted.

It is fitting we set aside one day of the year to recognize all moms globally because often in our day to day life, we may not always give her the recognition she deserves. Because today is that day, we at The Funeral Program Site wish to acknowledge all mothers for who they are and what they have given to their children. Happy Mother's Day Moms!