In Loving Memory Patches

In Loving Memory Patches

Posted by Admin on Feb 14th 2019

What Is A Patch?

What exactly is a patch and why is it fashionable in today’s trends? Great question! A patch started as a plain piece of cloth to mend or strengthen a torn or weak point on a garment. This would cover up the torn or worn area and then provide a longer garment life. Many people patch up a shirt or pants, especially if it is a personal favorite.

Today, patches have evolved into more of a fashion statement and although still used as a means to prolong a life of a garment, is now also used as a type of adornment. You will find many different types of patches in all shapes, styles and colors! They are also used for a variety of organizations and occasions such as clubs, sports, bands, icons, medical, and for an  in loving memory patch!

Patch Creation Methods

There are a few different ways a patch can be made. The most common is an embroidery. The design is created completely with thread stitches and consists of the text and/or an image. This method seems to be the most common patch you’ll find because it is long wearing and embroidery stitches are very durable and long lasting. Often they can outwear the actual garment! The artwork for embroidery patches tend to be simplified since the vector image needs to be converted to stitches or “digitized” in order for a commercial embroidery machine to recognize the format.

Elements in the artwork such as shading or outlining, as well as fine details are not good candidates for embroidery. In memory patches can include a name of the loved one along with the date of birth through date of death. In memory name patches are one such example and are embroidery stitched with the first or nick name of a loved one with their year of birth through year of death typically written alongside of it. I love

The second method is done through a process called sublimation. This creates the artwork on the patch by dying it into the material. It will not fade through time and provides vibrant colors and fine detailing. In loving memory patches that contain a photo are great because every detail and shading is imprinted exactly as it looks. Memorial patches are becoming popular as a means of wearing a loved one’s memory. It creates a subtle tribute and provides a loving memorial keepsake. In addition to the photo, one can include a few lines of personalized text.

The Funeral Program Site offers both method in the creation of our in loving memory patches, so depending on what your looking for, you can choose from our large assortment of personalized patches.

Regardless of the type of patch you select, each is outlined with a satin stitching all the way around the perimeter of its shape. It really doesn’t matter what shape the patch is created in, the choice is personal preference! It can be in a heart, round, rectangle, square or even hexagon shape. Sometimes the placement on the garment can dictate the shape and size. Patches are typically around 3” so they are not big but more on the smaller end. This is because it can be placed on a left chest shirt, pocket, baseball cap, arm sleeve or bag.

Patch Placement

An in loving memory patch can be placed on a shirt, jacket, hat, or arm sleeves. The options are really only limited by your imagination. Patches are versatile and can be placed pretty much anywhere. They are small and convenient in size and can range anywhere between 1-3”. When purchasing or having an in memory patch, it is important to choose one that is the right size for the item you will be putting it on. Selecting the proper shape is also equally as important because you want it to compliment the garment’s area shape. For example, if you are thinking of putting the patch on a cap, notice how the front of the cap is more rectangular in shape. So a patch shape to compliment that would be one that offers a similar rectangle with perhaps rounded corners.

Iron-On or Sew

Once you receive the completed patch, you will want to know what you options are for adhering it to your garment or accessory. There are 2 methods that you can decide upon. The first is an iron-on method in which you will press the patch onto the garment with a home iron. These types of patches have a special backing that when heated at a certain temperature, will stick to the cloth material you are pressing on. This must be done carefully and at the correct temperature to ensure proper adhesion. If you don’t get the iron hot enough, it may not adhere well and may fall off after a wash. Patches that have this iron-on backing can still be stitched. So if you find that pressing the patch does not hold it strong enough, you can sew it to make sure it is securely fastened.

Our recommended method to adhere a patch is by stitching it onto the garment or accessory. You can hand stitch it along the embroidered border in the same color thread so it blends in nicely or you can machine stitch it. If you can sew, machine stitching is a great way. If you don’t own a sewing machine but have a needle and thread, hand stitching will be sufficient. You will need to check the product description to see if the patch you are planning on purchasing is an iron or sew-on.

The Funeral Program Site is a great place to see the different types of in memory patches! Having the largest selection we manufacturer ourselves makes us the leader in the industry. Our artwork on our patches are exclusive designs our talented graphic artists make with you in mind! Whether its a photo you want impressed into a patch or your loved one's name, this is the place to look!