iWork Pages Templates

Jul 3rd 2018

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The Funeral Program Site offers Apple iWork Templates for funeral or memorial programs to help you create wonderful funeral programs. Browse our online catalog of designs and you'll see why we are noted to be the BEST selection of quality funeral programs on the web.

Apple iWork Pages® is a great application to create a funeral program for a loved one. It provides the ease of use and user-friendly application you can be looking for during a difficult and emotional time. The Funeral Program Site is the ONLY source on the web today that offers Apple iWork Funeral Program Templates along with our Microsoft Word and Publisher templates.

Although Apple iWork Pages® can open and edit Microsoft Word documents, templates created IN Pages is the cleanest and best way to edit a template. Our templates are actually created in Apple iWork Pages, since it does not go through a conversion process (from Microsoft Word to Pages conversion), you will get a pure document without errors. So we always recommend you purchased a funeral program for Apple iWork Pages®, as opposed to purchasing a Microsoft Word program and then editing it in Pages.

You also have the ability to take advantage of the easy and user-friendly controls. This application is MAC OSX equivalent to Microsoft Word. However, the comparison is hardly the same. Microsoft Word lacks many features that are offered in Pages which is another reason we recommend you purchase a Pages Template to edit.

Apple iWork Pages® has a set of pre-installed templates within the application itself. You can use one of these precreated templates to begin creating a funeral program if you like. It will take you some time to gather the graphical images and backgrounds you want to use in your funeral program. Created text and shape boxes is very easy to do. You can also insert a photo simply by dragging and dropping them within the shape box.

Because Apple iWork Pages® offers this kind of simplicity in the creation of a document, your program can easily be completed within a matter of minutes. You will be amazed as how much easier it is to design a document. If you need help along the way for whatever reason, you can always contact our friendly customer support line at (510) 417-2406.

If you do not have Apple iWork Pages®, you can download a free 30-day trial version directly from Apple's website.

Browse our funeral programs and templates to begin a memorable funeral program for your loved one.