Jamaica Funeral Program Template

Jamaica Funeral Program Template

Posted by Admin on Nov 2nd 2018

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island with its friendly people, lush mountain terrain, rainforests and teal water beaches. It is a vacation destination for many people who enjoy traveling to this nation and all it has to offer. We've created this funeral program template design with the Jamaica's country flag in its colors of green, yellow and black. I can only wonder if the green in the flag is reminiscent of the country's lush foliage. 

The flag background is displayed with interest as it is not flat but rather includes some waves within it. A perfect background for those who's native country is Jamaica or for one who enjoyed traveling to this amazing and beautiful place. This flag backdrop is also a wonderful choice for people who had some connection to this country. It's colors are rich and the back of the cover provides a soft silhouette of a beach landscape. The inside of the program offers a complimentary border with similar colors to carry the theme throughout the design.

You can insert additional elements anywhere within our template. For example, if you wanted to add something to do with cooking, you can insert a chef's hat or apron clipart or photo. It's very easy to do and creates an even more custom presentation. Embellishing our template is not necessary but some families want to include more photos or clipart so its tailored to their loved one's hobbies, career or favorite things. Our template is flexible and although beautiful as is, can be added to if desired. 

We offer a collection of various flag backdrops for different nations as many people are proud of their heritage and country. It is often a big part of who the loved one was in culture and tradition. If you are wanting this particular template design in another layout such as a trifold or graduated fold format and do not see it online, please call our support and place your order over the phone. We have hundreds of template designs and they all may not be in each category but rest assured, we are able to provide it for you. We will email you the completed template as an attachment for orders placed over the phone.

If there is too much color for you and that is a concern, you are able to remove the back page's backdrop simply by clicking on it and hitting delete on your keyboard. You can leave it white or create a simple border around your text on the back cover. Backgrounds are removable but you cannot delete certain parts of the background. For example, if you want to remove a tree from the beach scene on the back cover, you won't be able to do so but you can remove the background in its entirety.

This template will include the word art on the front cover created in our fancy and elegant font. You can remove or move this title anywhere within the template. If you desire to use a different wording that what was included, you can simply remove it from the cover and create your own text box. You will need to use fonts from your computer and make the title of your choice. Because our title is given to you as an image, you are not able to change it in any way. You may also purchase from our library of elegant word art titles especially created for a funeral program title if you prefer our elegant style. This does take the creativity out of the equation when you purchase it ready made.

If you need more pages, any of our center fold templates can be added to, if need be. You can convert a simple bifold program into a full booklet printing on multiple sheets. This gives you the flexibility and room to accommodate your photos and text. Some families like to create a memorial booklet as a keepsake item. We do recommend you center staple the pages if you create a booklet to help keep the pages stabilized. You can purchase a long reach stapler at any office supply store which will help to align the staples in the right place. The cost for the stapler runs around $40 but worth the price if you are going to use it more than once.

As with all our templates, you are not limited in what you can do. Your creativity abounds with our ready-made template designs. We recommend you use or edit the template in a software that you are most comfortable using so there are no added frustrations with not knowing the software. Our support team is well versed on Word, Publisher and Pages so if you need help or have a how-to question, don't hesitate to call our support line. We're willing and ready to assist you!