Keep a Loved One’s Light in Your Life with Memorial Lanterns

Keep a Loved One’s Light in Your Life with Memorial Lanterns

Posted by Admin on May 1st 2019

Loss often brings friends and families together as we join one another to commemorate the life of someone so dear to our hearts. Many people want to bring gifts and sentimental memorial items to those closest to the person who has passed to help honor and remember them. This is why we offer a wide range of unique and beautiful, customizable memorial gifts at The Funeral Program Site.

Our memorial gifts can serve as a long-lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed away and can keep their memory alive in our daily lives. One of our most prized in this collection of gifts is our memorial lanterns which serve as an elegant visual metaphor; with a personalized memorial lantern, the memory of a loved one will bring light into your life every single day.

We make these memorial lanterns out of wood, metal, or plastic in our own manufacturing facility in the USA and directly imprint all text and images into the glass panels for greater longevity. We offer both solar and LED powered lanterns in a wide range of styles. You can choose to order these lanterns as is or to customize the text to include any message of your choosing. Select models also offer the option of printing a photo of your loved one into the glass rear panel.

Our LED powered lanterns each come with a battery operated LED candle that is equipped with an auto timer for easy use. These lanterns are not designed for open flame use, so please never use real fire burning candles inside your lantern. The LED candles are removable for easy battery replacement. All of our lanterns feature a ring or strap at the top for easy hanging indoors or outside. Our LED lanterns come in eight different metal and wooden styles.

First is our If Tears Could Build A Stairway Black Lantern With LED Candle, a beautiful black metal lantern that stands 10 inches tall. The front glass pane of this lantern is engraved with the “If tears could build a stairway” poem above your two lines of personalized text. Most people choose to use their loved one’s name and dates of birth and death for the personalized text, but it is ultimately up to you. The LED candle inside stands at 3 inches and includes the AAA batteries needed to function. The lantern also features a leather handle by which it can be easily carried or hung.

One of our most popular styles of memorial lanterns is the simple and clean style of the Your Memory Memorial Lantern With LED Candle. This slender and elegant lantern stands 18 inches tall and comes in three metal finishes: Snow White, Espresso Dark Brown, and Graphite Silver. It also features a small metal ring at the top of its triangular top for easy hanging.

The Your Memory Memorial Lantern With LED Candle comes with the phrase “Your memory lives on in our hearts” engraved on the front panel above your personalized text. However, you can get this lantern model with one of eleven other poems and phrases engraved on the side. If this is your favorite of our models, browse through our selection to find a phrase that is best suited to your loved one’s memory.

For a more vibrant lantern, choose a model with a background scene on the back window pane, such as our Heaven Memorial Lantern With LED Candle or the Hearts Forever Memorial Lantern With LED Votive Candle. Both of these metal models feature sentimental text engraved on the front pane to give an overlaying effect with the beautiful background on the back pane. You can choose to add your loved one’s image to the background or use it as is. These metal lanterns are also available in Snow White, Espresso Dark Brown, or Graphite Silver finishes and feature metal rings at the top.

If you’d like to include your loved one’s photo on the back pane of your lantern without integrating a background image, choose our wooden A Moment In Our Arms Memorial Lantern With LED Candle. This lantern reads “A moment in our arms A lifetime in our hearts” over three lines of personalized text. The lantern can be ordered with or without the inclusion of your loved one’s image and features a metal ring for hanging.

We also offer solar powered memorial lanterns which can be charged under the sun to produce up to four hours of light once they are turned on. These lanterns are made of high quality, sturdy plastics and feature a notched handle at the top for carrying or hanging. They come in one of fifteen different styles, some of which allow for the inclusion of a photo of your loved one engraved on the front. Your lines of text will be printed either on the top of the lantern or underneath a sentimental passage, depending on the style you choose.