Kids Bookmarks

Jun 30th 2018

We have a lovely selection and supply of kids bookmarks templates available for immediate download. Place a photo on the front of the bookmark or leave the front without a photo, if desired. A photo addition in the bookmark makes it more customized for the special person to honor. Use this bookmark template for multiple uses such as for memorial services or change the title and use for multiple events or occasions. You can place and write a special poem or written work on the back of the program to reflect the occasion you are creating it for.

Finish it off by laminating the bookmark and tying a special coordinating satin ribbon at the top! Our bookmark templates come with four bookmarks to one sheet of letter size paper, so you don't have to print as many bookmarks since there are multiples on one sheet. This saves time and money. Templates will also save you time in the creation process because they come pre-formatted and predesigned. All you need to do is enter the text and insert a photo on the front cover, if desired.

View and visit our online store to see our large beautiful selection of kids bookmarks in our template collection gallery.

Take a peek below for our gallery of memorial bookmarks: