Laminated Prayer Cards

Jul 3rd 2018

As an added remembrance of the deceased, families will often produce laminated funeral prayer card templates to distribute to all funeral attendees. What is a prayer card? Laminated Prayer Cards contain a specific type of prayer with a picture of the deceased on the front of the card, thereby having printing on both sides.

A prayer card displays the deceased's photo, date of birth, and date of death on the forefront of some background scene. Usually, the title may read "In Loving Memory of..." or "Forever in Our Hearts." The back of the prayer card contains a short prayer or even a short poem.

At the size of a business card, the funeral prayer card may be laminated. Lamination preserves and protects the funeral prayer card, creating an indefinite token of the deceased. Because the size of a business card is convenient, you may take the same sized funeral prayer card wherever you please easily.

Any type of prayer may be included on the back of the cards. A prayer may be more personal and thoughtful should it be constructed by a family member of the deceased. There are resources on the web that sell pre-printed laminated prayer cards however, often the turnaround time for printing and shipment is a bit longer than one normally has. Rush delivery would be the best option should another more cost effective alternative not exist..

A wise option is a funeral prayer card template. You may print as many as you please, with no fee or shipment time constraint. The template can also be used multiple times. As well as convenient, these cards can be customized within minutes.

With all the other details of planning a funeral, you will value the time and money saved by choosing a predesigned template. A predesigned template not only alleviates stress during the complex funeral planning process, but saves time and money.} Furthermore, you have the ability to completely customize the funeral prayer card.

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