Leather Like Memorial Bookmarks With Poem

Leather Like Memorial Bookmarks With Poem

Posted by Admin on Mar 14th 2019

Today I’d like to share with you our simulated leather memorial bookmark with poem. Our bookmark is offers soft rounded corners and is made of a luxurious soft leather-like material that provides a soft feel. They are flexible, sturdy and long lasting.

We offer a dozen colors to choose from, each engraved perfectly with your choice of memorial poem and your 3 lines of personalized text. Each bookmark is finished with a coordinating tassel.

A memorial bookmark is a great sympathy gift for a friend or family member. They are practical and can be placed inside any book, Bible or even displayed as it is. Check out our collection and order yours today, only from The Funeral Program Site.

Funeral poems are always such a comfort because often they provide comforting words about a loved one. They have become quite popular and used very often within a printed memorial and keepsake item. They can be reflective and meditative with words that speak of a better place or heaven.

Poetic words are a source of healing as well for both the religious and non-religious person. Poems are universal and can speak to any age or gender. This is why they are so special and some even a coveted piece of literature. Writers often copyright their work because so many use it and do not give proper credit, where credit is due.

Because funeral poems hold such a special place in the heart of the grieving, we’ve incorporated special ones into our memorial bookmarks set on luxurious soft suede leather-like material. This material is not only durable but is flexible and will stand the test of time, making it a very long lasting keepsake.

Beneath each perfectly written poem we engrave is your personalized three lines of text commemorating your loved one’s name and date of birth through date of death. The engraved letter with iconic symbol relating to the poetry is beautifully engraved with a coordinating color. The corners of our bookmark offer a soft rounded edge and measures approximately 2” wide x 7” in height. They are further adorned with a tassel for a professional finish.

Have you seen our special video on our leatherette memorial bookmarks with poem? Check this out below where you can see our actual bookmark and our expert engraving on them. It's important to us you see actual samples of our work and see what our products look like instead of just a photoshopped version like most online websites.

Our memorial bookmarks are available in a dozen different leatherette color of your choice. We have several different designs to choose from each offering a different poem. This is a great idea for a reader who still enjoys reading hardcopy books! A great piece for inside a Bible. Bookmarks are a wonderful sympathy gift item because everyone and anyone can use it!

Not Just A Template Site!
Many Options Are Available For All Budgets and Timeframe

If you’d like to make your own bookmark The Funeral Program Site offers many options for you to choose from:

1. You can download any of our DIY funeral memorial bookmark templates where you have full control over entering your information and photo. This can be taken anywhere to get printed. 

2.  You can purchase our preprinted color memorial bookmark paper. With this option, you get a free PDF template that perfectly aligns with your bookmark! This is made to print on your own home printer in either black and white on the back of in color. Creating a lovely memorial is easy with our quality made products! 

3.  We can do it all for you if you’d like! This option is our full shebang,  all-inclusive service. From design to print, we can ship it to you in time for your funeral or memorial service. A great option for those who want to leave it to the professionals.

No matter which choice you use, you can rest assured you will end up with a memorial created with love and memories. A unique memorial is a priceless and cherished keepsake. The Funeral Program Site is here to assist you with creating a funeral bookmark, prayer card, or program!

Our printed memorials are offered for you to create them in many different ways. Unlike other “template” sites who only sell template products from a home base, we are a retail established business with a legitimate brick and mortar storefront! So you can trust us with your funeral printed needs because we don’t put our name behind anything we aren’t proud of.

These leather bookmarks do not contain a photo but are personalized with your special wording and 3 lines of custom text. Order one in each color for a fitting and colorful tribute. An idea would be to give each immediate family member a different color.

The beauty of our bookmarks is that they are not limited to age or gender! Everyone will appreciate and love it…and most of all, they will be able to use it! Order yours today and get started with the in loving memory gift that is kept in the heart.