Marijuana At A Funeral?

Jun 29th 2018

I recently came across this news story on ABC news that shared about three elderly people who attended their friend's memorial service in Southern California. Unbeknownst to the seniors, they ate brownies at the reception that had marijuana in it. These seniors had repercussions and had to be seen in the emergency room due to dizziness and nausea. Apparently, it was claimed to be an accident since whoever baked the tainted brownies did so to pay tribute to the deceased, who consumed brownies with medicinal marijuana.

Frankly, I can't understand how it could be an accident?! It was purposely baked with brownies and purposely set out at the reception for people to EAT. At the very least, a note should have been set with the brownies on the table indicating something like "In honor of Joe, brownies are baked with medicinal marijuana." That would have been the ethical thing to do. How can someone bake such brownies and not tell anyone they were laced? The physical reactions the three seniors had were enough to send them to ER. When you legalize a drug such as this that was initially used for recreational purposes, there is no control.

Regardless of what your position is on this matter, there are just some places where it is inappropriate.

Be careful if you attend a funeral reception where there may be food served. Do not be afraid to ask and inquire about it should you have any sensitivity to certain foods. Even if the event was catered, its better to be safe than sorry. Obviously what happened here is not the norm but with this incident could sprout further occurrences since marijuana is legal in California. Be safe and respectfully decline.