Memorial Candles With Picture

Memorial Candles With Picture

Posted by Admin on Nov 8th 2018

The Funeral Program Site is a large manufacturer of memorial candles with picture. We imprint directly onto the wax or glass surface so you won't find any stickers on our products! Stickers peel off and are not long lasting which is why we've developed a special technique to adhere our ink onto whatever surface we imprint on! Any of our LED, wax or glass candles can contain a photo or picture of your loved one. Your picture's background will be removed and placed seamlessly onto one of our specialized backdrops of your choosing. It then undergoes a special secret process that enables us to print our quality artwork on the candle of your choice! We take the production of our memorial products seriously. Extra special care is taken when we produce memorial products because we know each item will be treasured and cherished. 

Including a photo or picture on your candle adds an extra special touch to any memorial product. It is a visual part of a life remembered even years after they have gone. The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words rings true in this instance because it can say so much without words. Sometimes families submit photos that are not so clear or are slightly damaged and that's okay because our talented graphic designers are skilled in photoshop restoration of digital photos. We can repair and enhance just about anything!  Typically, our candle artwork is completed without a proof, unless you specify you'd like to see it. In that case, we will email you a copy of snapshot of our restored or memorial candle photo with mockup for you to review. This is a good idea especially if you are unsure how the photo will look upon your selected backdrop or to ensure the restoration work is as you like it.

We do ask that your photo for the candle is of above average quality, as this will determine how good of an image is impressed on the candle. We do not recommend a thumbnail size photo to be submitted but rather at least a 3" x 4" image size. Photo files can be uploaded as a .png, .jpg. or .pdf file. We can convert those into our candle artwork file. if you need to scan a photo from an actual photograph, we recommend scanning at least a 300dpi resolution. The bottom line is the better the quality of photo we receive, the better the imprint will be. If you need assistance on how to scan or submit your photo to us, let us know and we're happy to walk you through it! If you'd like us to review the picture before you place your order, you can email it over to us requested a review to ensure the photo will be a good candidate for the candle. We will reply quickly so you don't have to wait for an answer!

Our candles are great with a photo but there are some instances where the family may not have a photo for our candle. It is perfectly acceptable to place an order for any of our memorial candles without having a photo. You will receive 3 lines of personalized text which you can edit to just about anything you'd like. Whether its a special quote your loved one used to say, a special memory or poem, we can imprint it! A lighted memorial is a treasured keepsake because there is just something soothing and reflective about the flickering of lights within the glow of a candle. It is a popular product to display at the funeral or memorial service and then brought home as a forever keepsake. Light it daily for a time of reflection and memory or light it on a death anniversary. Our LED candles offer a timer so it will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. We offer many options when it comes to imprinting a memorial candle with a picture on it so you have choices based on your needs of style and budget.

If you are interesting in a memorial wax candle, be sure to review our lighting safety tips on  how to burn a candle to ensure you get the longest wear and best lighting recommendations. Wax candles in our glass containers are a good choice because you can buy refills and choose whatever scent you like. Our candles vary in sizes from the tallest pillar candle measuring 9" tall to our mini votives measuring 2.5" in height. We do have stands and displays available and are an optional add-on to your purchase.

As you will see from our large memorial candle line, we have all sorts of lighted candles from wax to electric candles that we can personalize with a picture of your submission to just personalized text. We continually add to our inventory daily so be sure to bookmark or come back and view our selections from time to time. We are certain you will find the perfect lighted memorial that truly commemorates your loved one's life and legacy.

Our turnaround is quick because we have our own equipment in our facility, we can produce them quickly and with quality results. All candles are packed with extra care to avoid damage during shipment. We can also send a memorial candle as a gift option to a grieving friend or family member. Gift cards are also available for that extra special note of sympathy.