Creating Unforgettable Memorial Folders

Creating Unforgettable Memorial Folders

Posted by admin on Jul 30th 2019

You may be the family member left in charge of creating a memorial folder for your loved one's final celebration of life service or you may be servicing the death care industry by producing and designing memorial folders, funeral programs as well as various other memorials.Whatever the case, designing a memorial folder does not have to be complicated. With a little preparation, you can develop a keepsake printed memorial that provides a lasting tribute to the person who has passed away.

Memorial folders is just another way people refer to the funeral programs or printed documents that are handed out at a funeral or memorial service. There are many names and they are all interchangeable depending on the area of the country you live in. So don't get confused on what it is, basically it is a printed memorial of some kind. We've included videos in this post for you to visually see the marked difference when shopping with us. Yes, there are many duplicators of our work but we are never replicated because we are the best in the business. More video tutorials here.

Understanding Memorial Folders and What To Include

The dimensions of a traditional memorial folder measures 8 1/2" x 11" or a letter size sheet of paper. When folded in half at the center, it’s finish size is 5.5” x 8.5”. If you need a visual, fold a letter piece of paper in half so you can see the actual sizing of your finished printed program. It also can be printed on a little larger paper such as a legal or tabloid size and folded down the center in the same fashion. The larger sizes just provide more room for your text.Layouts such as tri folds or funeral brochures, as well as our popular graduated fold layouts can offer your funeral folder a unique presentation. Check out all of our  DIY templates for the large selection of layouts only available to you from The Funeral Program Site.

Background Images

Will you use the front cover to show an image of the deceased or will you place the photo on the inside beside the life biography or obituary? If you select to display a picture, pick one that is clear for the best results. You can place your personalized text on the cover in any format and font you wish. You may also opt to remove the background of your photo in which case you will need a photo editing software such as photoshop or resource online that removes the background from your subject. This type of presentation provides a custom look and feel to the program.

Back Cover

Several family members use the back cover of the memorial folder to express their gratitude or words of appreciation to all who have been helpful to them during a time of loss. This is also a great location to also note the final resting place, memorial donation or repast or after service reception. You can additionally provide details regarding pall bearers or flower bearers as well as a poem of remembrance.

Interior Text and Pictures

The inside layout can consist of a single picture or as many photos as you wish, as in a collage. Of course, the amount of photos you choose to include will largely be dictated by the amount of text you have going on with it. So plan accordingly so that you will have enough room. If room runs short, our templates allows you to be able to add additional pages to the memorial folder, if desired. Examples of other text included within the inside pages could consist of a brief obituary, a poem or song lyrics, and an order of service.

Other Imported Clipart

Utilizing  frames around sections of your text could add interest and break the heavy flow of text. You can additionally insert appropriate clipart images such as spiritual icons, scrolls or flourishes to fill out 'white space' as a way to add variation to the the overall presentation.

The Funeral Service Folder Theme

Choose a theme that is best representative of the deceased. We offer many different themes and we are certain you will find one that will best fit the personality, hobby, or career. If not, ask us for a special designed background and we will gladly create it for you at no extra charge! Our talented team of graphic designers are ready and waiting. You can also submit your own background photo if you have one that was of particularly meaningful to the deceased.

Choose a well-known business that uses customer support both via phone as well as email such as The Funeral Program Site. Make sure you understand what software application your program requires.Typical software programs used to edit the DIY templates include Microsoft Word, PDF Adobe or even Google Docs! You can additionally find design templates in the MAC Pages or OpenOffice programs on our website. Make sure that you recognize what you can edit on your folder design templates such as being able to change the title of your program, as well as add added information.

Comprehend what paper size and if you are printing it yourself, make sure your printer has the capability of printing that size. Whichever technique you utilize, a nicely designed memorial folder can be a long-term reminder of a person's life. Whether utilized alone or distributing with  prayer cardsbookmarks or another printed memorial item, memorial folders contribute in assisting close friends a keepsake that is sure to be cherished.

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