Memorial Glass Candles

Mar 20th 2018

Memorial candles are so special! They can keep a loved one's memory alive as a beautiful reminder of their presence. Often people love lighting candles because of their incredible way to provide relaxation and comfort simply by its flickering light.

Our amazing glass candles stands 6" tall and 3.5" in diameter. The glass container is adorned with any of our signature backgrounds of your choosing embellished with your special photo and customized text. A candle is included on the inside for a special lighting and can be replaced once it has been burned to its end.

The outer wrapping is imprinted all the way around the circumference of the candle for a stunning presentation. This piece can be set on any mantel, desktop, window or shelf for a sweet reminder of a loved one. Light it on a special day to honor their memory or light it every day for a constant tribute in memory of. You can even use it within the funeral or memorial ceremony for a special addition to your program.

All of our candle background designs match our program templates so you are able to keep the theme going throughout. Backgrounds are important since they often are an extension of who the person was in life and personalizes your program or candle that much more!

Candles can be created for any loved one young or old and is appropriate in any type of decor. Purchase this as a special gift item for a friend or give one to each child of the deceased as a special remembrance. This is truly a gift of love and will be appreciated forever.

Memorial candles only available at our online superstore, click here to get yours!