Memorial Guest Books Wholesale Program

Jun 28th 2018

We are pleased to announce that our customer favorite memorial guest books are now being offered at bulk discount pricing through our wholesale program. Click here to see our large selection of guest book designs. This program will allow you to purchase our beautiful and unique hardcover guest books at wholesale prices and permit you to sell them at retail costs! It is a win-win situation and if you are looking for ways to earn extra income or add revenue to your existing business, this is a great program to signup with. The guest books we manufacturer are more than the typical books you will find everywhere else.

The Funeral Program Site are the creators of this book from the outside and to the inside pages and we know what our customers have been asking for. The success of our books is a good measure of families and funeral homes desiring to get a better memorial keepsake for a loved one, one that will be cherished and can be passed down to future generations. There are over 300 designs you can choose from for the cover images. The inside pages contain fill-in pages that you can note regarding personal history, service information, special poems or scriptures, guest registry and guest condolence pages.

Since we are the manufacturer, we pass the savings on to you as the retailer! Our guest books also match our popular program, bookmark, prayer card, thank you card, and flyer templates so you can keep the theme of the service ongoing. Read more about our wholesale program at our online SUPERSTORE to find out if you qualify and how to get started.

We know you will reap the rewards of sales and get the professional recognition you deserve!