Memorial Half Sheet Flyers

Mar 20th 2018

Sometimes even creating a letter size program with a center fold is too much space for text. Here's a great idea we've created and printed for a special customer (well, all our customers are special!) in the form of a half sheet, no fold flyer.

This one was a beautiful, eye-catching design using our "Spring" floral background with pretty pink cherry blossoms accenting the sides which match perfectly with the loved one's blouse.

We printed this on cardstock paper and UV coated it for a super glossy finish which by the way, also keeps longer without fading. The back displayed the obituary and was a great giveaway to all the service attendees.

The finished size is 5.5 x 8.5 which worked with the amount of text provided by the family. So you see, you needn't have a huge program or even a lot of text in order to create something meaningful for a memorial tribute. It can be as simple as a photo with the name and dates and the obituary written on the back side for a distributed handout. The important thing is that everyone, especially the immediate family receives a tangible final token in honor of a life lived.

It is a unique presentation in the end that all will be happy to receive! Our award winning backgrounds and designs kick it up a few levels, too! If your unsure of the type of program you want to create, chat with us and let us give you some suggestions or recommendations for you to consider. We're full of creative ideas because this is our specialty!

You can download this type of layout, from our online superstore and get started creating your keepsake today!