Memorial Photo Frame Templates

Mar 20th 2018

Just born and newly created photo frame designs makes these templates a unique choice! We're happy to present our newest template design called "Celina" with beautiful framing for your selected photo adorned with ribbon and florals abound! Just insert your photo into our rectangular frame and place our lovely frame artwork on top of it and it looks like you have a customize frame presentation! How sweet!

These are our first designs created with photo framing that is different than the traditional square or oval framing for your loved one's photo. Making a difference in the overall look with easy to insert photo and intricate framing detail. This one's a definite winner!

Edit all the text fields as needed. We include a script headline on the front cover (i.e., "In Loving Memory") in our popular and elegant titles but you are free to remove, size, or move it as desired! We're always adding to our collection so you have fresh choices and more options, and you can rest assured that we'll be creating more photo frames for you to choose from!

Our photo frames make the framing around your photo unique by placing the artwork on top so it appears like its contained in a different shaping...but only YOU will know how easy it was to create and insert! These templates provide an easy to use interface and backed with our 100% customer support to assist you in facilitating the completion of your program.

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