Memorial Service Bulletin

Jul 3rd 2018

A Memorial Service Bulletin from The Funeral Program Site SUPERSTORE

Distributing a memorial service bulletin is essential in the funeral or memorial service. It provides a keepsake for the deceased that is given to all attendees. Because it brings a sense of closure in a loved one's life, it is also a document that can help start the healing process.

Memorial service bulletin can be crated in a folded letter size, trifold, or booklet type of layout which can vary in size.

With the displaying of the deceased's photo with their name and birthdate, the cover of the memorial bulletin will include date of death under their picture. You may find you want to place the classic "In Loving Memory of..." or "A Celebration of Life" titles above their photos.

Some memorial service bulletins include an obituary of the deceased along with several photos. The obituary may include scripture verses or hymn lyrics within the program and the order of service will follow the obituary.

For those who are not familiar with the words or song, this is important to include.

A token that will be kept for a long time by an attendee, the memorial service bulletin will always be remembered.

As it gives an account and tribute to the deceased, statistics have shown that most people will keep a memorial service bulletin for quite some time.

Because this bulletin is kept and treasured, it's important that the bulletin is beautiful and highlights your loved one's life. It is possible to get ready made templates for memorial service bulletins on a variety of various website resources.

There is no specific format the memorial service bulletin has to follow however, if you are having a religious ceremony, check with the officiant to ensure it follows the service you discussed.

You can either print a template you purchased yourself on a color printer or take it to an office supply store for printing to create the memorial service bulletin. Generally, going to the office supply store is rather quick and they will even fold them for you if there are many to print.