Memory Keepsake Boxes

Mar 20th 2018

How marvelous! Today, we are introducing our new memory keepsake boxes in a variety of sizes and styles. These remembrance boxes are created with quality mahogany wood grain in a matte finish, hinged on the inside for easy opening, and lined in a rich, black velvet lining.

These little boxes are a perfect place to keep your loved one's personal items that you want to cherish to years to come. Memory or remembrance boxes can contain jewelry, photos. or cards, just to name a few! They are beautifully crafted, with some offering jeweled, wood, or silver framing inset within the wood.

Our keepsake boxes make a perfect gift for a friend or family member. We carry memory music boxes as well as a large keepsake box without the musical element. They will come with in a gift box so if you want to give them as a gift, they are ready to go!

Our newest product is shipped, complete with your customized photo of choice! Send us your loved one's photo and we will remove its background and embed it onto one of our award-winning themes. This printed photo will be placed inside the memory box you purchase within a photo frame holder. You are able to change the photo as you desire very easily in the future.

A wonderful place to keep all of your treasured momentos and keep a memory alive! Order one today only from our online SUPERSTORE.