Funeral Programs in Microsoft Publisher

Funeral Programs in Microsoft Publisher

Posted by Admin on Mar 10th 2019

Good news for Microsoft Publisher lovers! We offer our DIY, ready-made Publisher funeral programs in the form of a template for this popular format. One of the downloads you will receive upon purchase is our funeral program template created for you in the Publisher software. 

Many people prefer using and creating their funeral program in Microsoft Publisher over Word because it is less cumbersome than the alternative. The Microsoft Publisher® software is a good application to create or use when creating any printed memorial. Because Publisher is used mainly as a layout or  design program, creating a funeral bulletin is easy to do and for some, more intuitive. It is an easy software to learn as well. The learning curve is not as steep as other graphic programs.

If you are creating a funeral program from a blank canvas, Publisher® provides you with all the tools you need to import a background from scratch into the document. Editing any of our templates inside Publisher® is simple and easy to do as well. In fact, you will save time using a template verses creating it from scratch.

Although Publisher has built-in templates you can start from, it still does take time to find the background, bring it into the software, arrange the layout, format the text, etc.  Using our template will definitely give you a jump start on the creative process.

We believe one of the best features that Publisher® offers is that ability to add pages quickly. If you utilize one of our center fold funeral programs and want to expand it to make a booklet, you can do so with ease.

You will simply copy the inside page as many times as you need to to form your booklet. All the elements within the page are also copied which is a great feature in Publisher that saves time and frustration!

This video demonstrates just one of the things you can easily do within our DIY templates. We demonstrate creating a watermark (softened transparent photo) behind your text. It is an often requested question so we've created our video to show you how you can achieve that when working in Publisher. 

We have a whole collection of video tutorials created especially for Publisher, so make sure you take a look at it before purchasing. In this way, you get a feel of how our templates work since we take you directly into the software to do our demonstrations!

This software is Microsoft's "Layout" program for the beginner or intermediate computer user. You are able to crop, size, enable transparency to images, brighten and bring up contrast to photos all within the Publisher® software! It is also created to create all forms of print media. 

Another great feature is the ability to print in booklet form. Meaning the order of the pages you see on the screen is the order it will print when folded. This can only be accomplished if the template is setup in a booklet format and all of our Publisher booklets are!

Most people believe this application is easier to use than the  Microsoft Word® software. We tend to agree with that since you are able to do more graphic type work with Publisher®. Utilizing our templates makes it even better since we've done the design for you. You can add embellishments to any of our templates or leave them as they are. And you can do so freely by using Publisher®.

The great thing about our DIY templates is that not only will you receive Publisher as one of the files for download of your chosen design but you will also receive 2 other formats. So if you decide you’d rather use another software or are using a friend’s computer who does not have Publisher installed, then you can choose to download one of the other two formats given.

If you do not have Publisher already installed on your Windows computer, you can purchase it from an office supply store or online! It does not come standard installed on new computers so you will need to buy it as an addition to your computer applications. 

It runs approximately $50.00 or you can purchase a monthly subscription plan with Microsoft's 365 for about $10 per month. If you create many funeral programs for your funeral home or families directly, it will be worth the investment as this software can do many great things!

We do encourage you to use Publisher even if you are somewhat familiar. You can call our customer support to assist you and help train you in the software to get you going and completing your program. This software only runs on a Windows computer and is not available for Apple MACs. Our template support the current Publisher version as well as down versions to Microsoft Publisher 2000.

Any of our  DIY funeral program templates are offered with an immediate download. You will receive 3 different software formats for the download, you can choose the Publisher template and begin editing right away!