Minimalistic Simple Funeral Program Designs

Minimalistic Simple Funeral Program Designs

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Feb 10th 2020

Sometimes you just want something simple in the form of a printed memorial and that is perfectly OK because we've got you covered at  The Funeral Program Site. As you can see we offer full color, extensive backgrounds to very simple funeral programs because we know our families have different needs. We design and craft each of our programs with the thought process of making sure all needs are met and if we happen to miss something, you can ask us. With our custom designing, we are also able to create a template or program exclusively based on your specs.

Simple funeral programs typically have a clean, white background with minimal to no embellishments. Often times the title or name of the loved one is a focal point but that is entirely up to you.  Simple funeral programs can be easily printed on a home printer. We do recommend printing your program template on white paper if you have included any photo(s) within your program so it does not clash with the color of the paper. If you watch our short video, we show you a simple funeral program with a front cover photo that we printed on a light pastel green paper and one we've printed on a white paper. You will see the difference in coloring when they are presented side by side. 

This is a great visual to demonstrate our point and recommendation of color paper choices. If your program does not have any photos contained within its contents, then you can print your program on virtually any color paper you like! The photos are the only elements that create a bit of a coloration issue.

We have so many choices when it comes to our  funeral template designs here at The Funeral Program Site. You can see the difference in our quality of work. We are also an award winning design company and a customer favorite resource online. Subscribe and join our tribe on YouTube so you will always be prepared and equipped to create a funeral program, whether its simple or elaborate, you know The Funeral Program Site has the right choice for you!

Want to see a sample of our designs? Here are a few of our programs we've personalized for families just like you by using our funeral program template as the foundation. You can also read up on what exactly is a funeral program if you have never put together one before. There is a lot of good information within our resources section as well.