Mourning Handkerchief

Mourning Handkerchief

Posted by Admin on Feb 19th 2019

Today i’d like to talk about and share with you our personalized mourning handkerchief memorial products. It is also referred to as an in loving memory or in memory, memorial handkerchief.

While there is just no words to express the loss of a loved one, a sympathy handkerchief is a thoughtful gift you can give to a grieving friend or to your immediate family members as a way to express condolences, a token of love and care. Sometimes you may want to go above and beyond saying the traditional “I’m sorry for your loss”. A mourning handkerchief wipes away tears of sorrow and are thoughtful gifts to give anyone who has recently suffered a loss.

An in loving memory, custom made handkerchief is a unique and cherished memorial. It is a treasured, small memento of a loved one’s memory. The hankie can be taken or handed out at the funeral or memorial service and distributed to the immediate family. It’s not really a keepsake that is given to all attendees since it is more of a personalized item.

A handkerchief can also be referred to by its nickname of a “hankie” and is a hemmed square of thin fabric usually in white which can be carried in the pocket or handbag. It is also sometimes used as a purely decorative accessory in a suit pocket, thats called a pocket square. A memorial handkerchief is a sweet way of carrying a loved one’s memory close to you after a time of loss. Although it was originally intended for personal hygiene purposes such as wiping one's hands or face, or blowing one's nose, in memory hankies offers a family more of a tangible comfort piece. Carrying it provides a symbolic and physical way of keeping a loved one close at heart.

So what does an in loving memory look like? There are a few different varieties of handkerchiefs created especially for a loving tribute. The most typical design would be an embroidered handkerchief. You may have seen them all over the search result images––embroidery handkerchiefs are pretty common for many different types of events such as weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and everyday monogramming. The stitched images are generally placed in one of the corners of a hankie where this type of placement is quite common. The hankie is still very useful but adds a bit of a design element by embellishing a corner area. Embroidery handkerchiefs can be found in a variety of colors for the actual material as well as a choice of coordinating thread colors.

An in loving memory design might consist of an embroidery dove, cross, or flower motif along with a loved one’s name and date of birth and date of death. A photo is not possible in an embroidered hankie because of the amount of detailing that makes up a photograph. If you are seeking one that includes a photo, there are hankie designs available at The Funeral Program Site which takes your submitted photo and personalized text and actually presses it into the handkerchief fabric. This technique provides a vibrant color but takes the full color artwork and actually dyes it into the material. These hankies are mostly found in a white since the artwork provides a color decoration.

We offer a white soft cotton/blend handkerchief with professionally finished edging and a subtle corner design. Each measures approximately 12" x 12" square with embroidery decoration or full color photo background and 3 lines of personalized text.

When done correctly by a skilled professional, the end result is a classy and tasteful presentation. The fabric will not fade or shrink so it is sure to be a lasting memorial! The artwork decorates the handkerchief nicely and is a perfectly fitting keepsake honoring a loved one’s memory. 
We also package our hankies in a gift box ready for gift giving or safe keeping. No can resist this treasured item that provides a personalized touch with a loved one’s name or photo.

An embroidery satin stitch is done all the way around the perimeter of the handkerchief regardless of which technique or style you choose. This just adds a finished touch to the overall look and also keeps the edges from fraying. Handkerchiefs are a wonderful sympathy gift for either a man or woman which makes it a universal keepsake item. The compact size and ability to fold it down enables a sure fit into any small space, pocket, purse or drawer!

If you’re looking for something different to give a friend or immediate family member that is sure to please, consider purchasing our in loving memory handkerchiefs. You can click on the link below to view a simply wonderful selection of designs! Check it out under our memorials dropdown tab under our category, Memorial Handkerchiefs.

As with all of our memorial products, we manufacture them in-house so we are able to give you the best pricing and turnaround time.