Obituary Keepsake

Jun 30th 2018

A bookmark can be a wonderful obituary keepsake that is distributed to everyone in the funeral service. We offer many beautiful bookmark templates that enable you to create keepsakes very easily.

Often, these obituary keepsakes are distributed or passed out along with funeral programs and such. They are very beautiful and you can laminate them for a great finishing touch. This also helps preserve them longer. When we customize this for families, we finish them off with a satin ribbon.

This little detail makes for a professional presentation and one that everyone will appreciate. This example displays a Seashore theme that can really be used for a child or adult's memorial. The best thing is that you are able to print these yourself and save money that way.

Templates save time and lay the design foundation of whatever you want to create! View our great selection of bookmarks in our online funeral templates store.