One Stop Shop For Funeral Needs

Mar 23rd 2018

Time is always of the essence. But what usually happens when you lose someone so dearly is that you lose your sense of time. There’s nothing or no one to console you. No time to sleep, time to eat much less time to attend to the funeral needs. This, and more, is one of the many reasons why we, at the Celebrations of Life Superstore, exist. We understand fully your need for space, silence and time alone even for the shortest possible time (a minute, an hour, or a day). We’ll do the ground work while you grieve and rest.

At Celebrations of Life Superstore, all your funeral needs from funeral or memorial program template, guest book, plantable memorials and funeral kits are answered. We start taking care of your needs from the start to the end. Have you just heard of the worst news (of your father’s death) and you don’t know how to react or what to do first? We have official blogs to answer your questions and help you cope with grief. Not sure how to go about designing and putting details into their proper form? We have funeral program templates downloadable with any of the popular processors (Apple software, Microsoft Word, and others).

Do you want to write something poetic or touching on the program? We have a wide list of poems from the mouths of poets, sympathy messages from the learned men of the ancient times, and most importantly, we provide a vast collection of Bible verses appropriate for your needs. How about the music that is to set the ambiance during the funeral or memorial ceremony? You can choose from our songs listed (categorized by genres).

Now on the part where everyone close to the deceased gathers, it is very important not to tread on paths unfamiliar. The catholic priest you get might talk about married men marrying the 2nd time, 3rd time when all wives are alive (and not legally divorced from him); and a Muslim friend (of the departed) listens turning red with anger by the minute. You can avoid this early on by choosing a Bible verse to be the center of the sermon.

For eulogies, we have informative blogs on how to draft and deliver them effectively. And at the end of the ceremony and the funeral, send thank you cards, notes and messages to the people listed on the guest book. Both the guest book and thank you cards are available at our Superstore.