Personalized Funeral Ribbons

Personalized Funeral Ribbons

Posted by Admin on Feb 8th 2019

Funeral ribbons are used within a funeral or memorial service. There are a variety of funeral ribbons that can be customized and used. They can vary in size and placement but are used to personalize a service.  It can be worn on a lapel or dress as an awareness ribbon or adorned on a floral wreath arrangement at graveside. There are many uses for a ribbon embellishment and the areas that you can use is only limited by your imagination!  The additional and inclusion of funeral ribbons create something meaningful within a service.

Personalizing a Wreath or Floral Arrangement

Many florist create funeral flowers accented with a ribbon that is imprinted with an “In Loving Memory” title and the name of the deceased. This is often printed in a gold or silver foil on a 1.5” wide ribbon so it is clearly visible from a distance. Creating such an accessory to flowers gives it a special personalization that is appreciated by the family and all attendees. It is very much kept by the surviving family members long after the flowers have wilted. It is an item that is reminiscent of their loved one’s final celebration of life.

The ribbon on fresh flower arrangements can be adorned on a wreath set upon a stand or within a stand alone arrangement. It can be displayed in the room or church where the service is held or outdoors at the grave site ceremony. 

Wording on Ribbons

Some personalized ribbons may include some generic wording such as “Beloved Mother”, “Loving Husband”, “Adored Father”, “Cherished Wife” or “Faithful Husband”. Some may have the name on the ribbon for an even more personalization.  It is really up to the family on the special text they wish to create on a ribbon. Other ideas may be a phrase or very short quote the deceased loved or often said. Any words that trigger a memory is a good idea to write as well as their name. Traditional wording can be “In Loving Memory” or “Honoring Your Life” are popular choices for imprinting. Typically there is a limit on the amount of text you can use since the ribbon needs to be assembled in a fashion that it will still display the words so it can be properly read. Some pre-printed ribbons are written with “In Loving Memory” printed from one end of the ribbon to the other which is a funeral ribbon that is more of a general embellishment since it does not contain a name or anything of significance to the deceased.

Awareness Ribbons

Awareness ribbons are smaller ribbons that are 5/8” in thickness and approximately 12 inches in length. You may find smaller ones but they are not imprinted due to the size. These types of ribbons are a popular adornment worn on the left or right breast of a garment. Both men and women wear the awareness ribbons to provide a statement of supporting a specific cause that the loved one may have died of or supported. Personalization can consist of the name and dates along with a 2-3 word phrase. The ribbon is crossed and each color signifies a specific cause or disease. For example, a purple ribbon is known to be supportive of Pancreas Cancer.

Where To Buy Personalized Ribbons

The Funeral Program Site is the leading manufacturer of personalized funeral ribbons. They offer all colors for awareness ribbons personalized with your own text and/or photo!  Ribbons are created in quality form and a popular choice amongst grieving families. Their special process of imprinting creates a long lasting keepsake which can be worn at the service and worn again on the anniversary date of death. Pricing is reasonable and shipping is fast since the company creates the ribbons in-house.