Personalized Memorial Candles

Personalized Memorial Candles

Posted by Admin on Mar 17th 2019

Memorial candles always play a special part in the funeral service. Candles are a symbol of lighting a memory in honor of a loved one. There is something soothing and comforting in our soul when we see the movement of the dancing flame.

Candles can be set within the memorial or funeral service with  photos on display on a memory table or by a memorial portrait. It can be placed on a crystal pillar stand to give it height and dimension, if desired. There are so many ways you can adorn your service with candles to provide elegance and personalization.

After the service, the memorial candle serves as a keepsake that can be displayed in any room of your home or office. It is the one product that can be lit daily, monthly or annually at the death anniversary date.

The Funeral Program Site offers many different lighted memorials to choose from. We offer glass, wax, LED, dancing wick, votives, and taper memorial candles! You always have choices when shopping at our online superstore. Today we’re going to highlight our dancing wick flameless, memorial LED candle. An LED candle means the flame is simulated and does not actually burn a wick within the wax candle. They are battery operated and has a timer located at the bottom to turn on and off, as desired.

Our personalized memorial candle provides our beautiful artwork printed directly onto the wax with our special process! Whether its our word art designs or your submitted photo, the end result is always a professional finish everyone will love! You can submit your favorite photo and we will expertly remove the background and set it perfectly onto the design of your choice from our selection.

We never use decals! Decals fall off and are not made to last. They are also a fast way to promote and sell a memorial candle. Most decal methods can’t print a photograph well. Our method imprints your photo with our artwork directly on the wax for a lasting finish. We have perfected this through many years of trial and error and we are certain you will cherish your loved one’s photo or personalized text on this beautiful piece.

It’s high back and low front gives it a real life candle presentation. It also highlights the front artwork better and displays the movement of the dancing wick the best. The wick offers movement simulating a real candle and provides a soft glow with auto timer. The glow is gentle and subtle but enough to create illuminated lighting at the top and to the front of the face. The candle measures 6.75” tall to its highest point and measures 3” wide. It provides the best dimension to properly display our colorful artwork.

We imprint on the front and back. Your custom text is written on the front usually beneath the artwork or photo. A lovely remembrance memorial poem is written on the back side in a coordinating color for a perfect presentation! You won’t find any other place online that offers this unique keepsake.

Watch our video below on our unique and special memorial candle keepsakes! Got a question? Call us or ask us through our knowledge base, where questions are answered within minutes!

Because our  memorial candle is not a lighted flame, the precautions of a true wax candle do not apply. You don’t have to worry about dripping wax or where to place it. You can even place it on a pillar stand or memorial lantern. The dancing flame is a popular choice for everyone because it flickers and moves true to life.

Through the years of testing this product, we found imprinting on the wax was the most long lasting and durable method. There are those who offer personalized candles with a decal type of adhesion. This is not recommend as it provides a temporary personalization and will eventually fall off due to the varying degrees of weather. When my beloved mother passed, creating a memorial for her was important to me. I knew it had to be as special as she was. Having a memorial candle that I can light annually on her birthday and death anniversary is a meaningful symbolism I cherish. Although she is always in my thoughts daily, lighting this candle twice a year is a special tradition I now do in honor of her memory. This keeps her memory alive in my mind.

Sympathy gifts are the one gift item everyone treasures. Because it is personalized with a loved one’s name and/or photo, it touches the hearts of those who recently suffered a loss. It can be anything sort of everyday item, but when personalized with someone special, it becomes a true beloved keepsake.

We have many choices of designs for this type of flameless candle, just visit our Memorials tab on our website and see our amazing selection! A great product for a sympathy gift showing you care. Send one to an immediate family member, relative or friend. You can also choose to add a special gift card. Each individual candle is gift box, ready for gift giving! Order yours today only available at the funeral program site dot com.