Personalized Memorial Garden Flags

Personalized Memorial Garden Flags

Posted by Admin on May 11th 2019

Memorial garden flags are a treasured commodity because they can be personalized with a loved one’s photo and name. The personalization of these flags are a wonderful special touch for a truly custom presentation. They can be placed and displayed in an outdoor setting such as a garden or cemetery grave site.

Our memorial garden flags are UV protected so the vibrant colors stay through all kinds of weather. We dye the artwork design directly into the fabric for a long lasting finish. We offer many different kinds of memorial cemetery flags. Some are offered with a preprinted design that displays a quote and lovely artwork. We also provide personalized flags made to your specifications.

You can also purchase the optional iron stand ready to set into the ground for an upright display or use one of your own. The material is made from a durable canvas type fabric with a tight weave so it is not transparent but shows the full, vibrant coloring of the design. The standard size measures approximately 12” wide by 18” in height with an area at the top of the flag to slide the iron pole display stand through.

This sizing makes it a perfect display at the cemetery grave site. Most families place it to the right of the headstone for a sweet accent along with the flowers. The flag adds a decorative piece of artwork and can be easily noticed from a distance. This can be helpful to recognize through the many headstones within a cemetery.

Here is a short video on our  memorial garden flags. As in all of our memorial product videos, we incorporate actual footage of flags we’ve previously made for families or funeral home establishments. It is our desire you see the product as live as one can on the internet prior to a purchase. Most website give you a photoshopped web image which is fine but we know it's also important to be able to see the actual product by showing it on video.

An alternative location to display a flag is within a small garden in a backyard. It can be placed by a loved one’s garden they may have tended or alongside of a favorite plant or tree. You can virtually place it wherever you like that may provide a memorial for a loved one’s memory.

The memorial garden flags we offer with preprinted designs contain a special memorial quote and coordinating lovely landscape. They are appropriate to display anywhere you want to set a memorial. Some families even display the flags at the actual funeral or memorial ceremony. You are only limited by your imagination! Our flags are always a welcomed sight that can brighten up an indoor or outdoor space.

It makes a great  sympathy gift for a friend who may have lost a spouse or parent. You can also choose a flag for a pet memorial. We offer traditional flags for human loss as well as for a beloved four-legged pet.

We have a large variety of designs to choose from and in all of our memorials, if there is a specific design you do not see, we can custom make it for you! Our team of graphic design artists can create anything you can think of so it can honor a legacy of your beloved. Let us create the perfect  in loving memory gift for a friend or family member.

You do get to personalize 3 lines of text on the flag and no you do not need to add a photo if you do not want to. Wording can be just as nice set up against a nice background. Words can be a meaningful quote a loved one said or it can be a popular memorial poem.

The metal pole stand can be purchased from our inventory or you can purchase one locally at a garden or nursery. Places such as home depot or Walmart may also carry it or you can order it online as well. Just make sure that the stand you order will not be too big for the flag. Our accompanying metal pole fits perfectly with the 12 x 18 personalized memorial garden flag.

Our canvas material is imprinted on one side in our full color, custom artwork. It is machine washable and will not fade through the wash due to the technique we use to dye the color into the fabric. Our technique is a proven way to keep the colors vibrant and colorful through various types of weather.

Check out all of our memorials that we can personalize with a photo and text. Most memorials can be shipped in time for a service. We manufacture everything in-house within our own facility so you get the best pricing and turnaround time. If you are not sure if it will arrive in time, call us and we are happy to help you and give you shipping options.