Personalized Memorial Guest Books

Personalized Memorial Guest Books

Posted by Admin on Mar 30th 2019

A funeral guest book is designed to keep all attendee signatures and sympathy wishes in one place. It is typically placed outside the entrance of where the funeral ceremony will be held, so as attendees enter, they sign the guest book prior to entering into the room.

This is used to help the family send out thank you cards for those who provided donations, sympathy gifts or assisted in some way during the time of need. Sometimes it is an overlooked item to include in a funeral or memorial service but one that is necessary and cherished by the family after the service has ended. It can also be helpful in the grieving process because it can serve as a type of scrapbook or memory album for a loved one.

We are happy to present our large collection of quality made funeral guest books. Check out our beautiful guest books that contain more than just sign-in or registry pages. Not only do they contain the registry pages but also some other information you can personalize. We can also personalize the entire book for you in our custom guest book line. We offer a glossy or velvet touch finish hardcover guest books in 2 sizes.

Guest books are used for many different events to capture attendees and note gift items given. They are a handy and much needed item for any occasion. If done correctly, guest books can serve a multi-purpose even after the event has ended. It is never thrown away but rather kept and treasured for many years later.

Here's a wonderful video we produced that shows our funeral guest books up front and personal. We love being able to showcase our products with visual aids so you can see exactly what you are getting.

You can purchase the books as they are with no personalization or with as much personalization as you'd like. This is the ultimate keepsake item that is sure to be cherished throughout generations is one that you can place on a coffee table or bookshelf with all your funeral service printed materials contained within its pages.

Our hard cover books offer perfect binding and are available in 2 sizes: the 8x8 and an 8x10. They are both equally the same in width, the only difference is the 8x10 is a few inches longer vertically. It is more of a portrait presentation as the 8x8 is more square and compact.

A perfect bind book is one that is created with no spiraling but contains a straight spine with insets on the front and back where the book opens and closes. It is the preferred presentation for any hard cover book because of its clean and professional finish.

They feature a glossy or velvet matte soft, velvet touch exterior cover with full color artwork on the front and back. You can personalize it with 3 lines of text or you may add your submitted photo on the front cover. You can also choose not to place a photo on the front cover and just personalize it with your custom text.

One of the best parts about our guest books is that they match all of our printed memorials.Keeping a theme going could be an important thing for the family to do and our guest book coordinate very well with a program or other memorial products.

The gloss finish adds a shiny finish to your cover and back and has a smooth feel. The matte finish does not contain any shine and has a soft, velvet touch to the feel which many families like. It is your choice at order which finish you would like.

The inside of our books are lined and created with especially designed pages. The first section offers fill-in pages which you can write your loved one’s information. The second section provides the guest registry and pages for sympathy messages or written special remembrances.

Our special guest books were designed by The Funeral Program Site because we were not able to find the perfect combination of inside pages, we created our own! You can choose a full custom book which creates your pages on the inside as well as on the front and back cover.

We do offer many different background design in our guest books and also offer spiral bind books for those who are looking for something in that presentation.

Our books are more than the typical funeral guest book. It is a true memorial book honoring a loved one’s life within its pages. It can be kept on a coffee table or shelf for future generations. It will be a place where you can include the history and biography of a loved one all in one book! Order yours today only available at the funeral program site.

The Funeral Program Site is the only resource that offers such a professional looking book that every family will love. Affordable custom books create a special memory and cherished memento that is beautifully crafted and makes an excellent gift for anyone. Our guest books match any of our printed materials for funeral programs, memorial bookmarks, or funeral prayer cards.

Visit our online store to view the largest variety of designs anywhere. Don't forget we have a special collection of funeral songs/music, funeral poems, and a special planning resources library free for your reference.