Personalized Memorial Lanterns In Loving Memory of

Personalized Memorial Lanterns In Loving Memory of

Posted by Admin on Jun 22nd 2019

Memorial lanterns are a decorative way to honor a loved one’s memory. Lanterns are a beloved keepsake item that many people display inside their home or office as well as in an outdoor setting. They often include a wax or LED candle which is encased within four glass window panes with a front window pane that opens via a latch. The front of the lantern opens so it is easy for you to light or turn on a candle for a special lighted memorial.

Memorial lanterns come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Not all of them look the same and can be made of wood, metal or plastic material. Typically the window panes are glass but sometimes is offered in a thick acrylic to withstand any breakage during shipment or transport. Lanterns can also be used for many different occasions. Lately, more and more families are choosing to commemorate a loved one’s memory by engraving a personalized sentiment or name on the front window pane of the lantern.

There are few companies that offer this type of decoration but The Funeral Program Site is the best resource for having a memorial lantern personalized!There are many lovely word art creations that they imprint on the lantern for an adornment. Imprinting a memorial quote or poem snippet just makes it even more personal and meaningful for someone who has recently suffered a loss.

It also makes a treasured  sympathy gift for a friend or family member. The personalization on the glass or acrylic pane should be printed directly on the surface. You may find some individuals or companies may use a decal to create such text but this is not a long lasting method. It is basically a sticker that is adhered to the glass which is not the most professional look and can easily fall off over time.

The Funeral Program Site does offer many different varieties of lanterns such as those with wax and LED candles inside. They also imprint the personalized text directly on the glass itself with a special printer that is made to print on this type of surface. In this way, you know that your lantern will be adored for many years to come.
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This is a short video on one of the styles they offer in memorial lanterns. It is available in your choice of three colors in expresso (which is a dark brown), snow white, or graphite silver. It includes an LED candle with batteries so it is ready to light upon delivery! Most do not include the batteries so this is an especially nice touch!

A unique option is the ability to have an actual photograph of the deceased printed on the back window pane, if desired. It really brightens up the lantern by adding a touch of color as a backdrop to the candle itself.

Lanterns can be displayed on any table or shelf and is appropriate to display in any room of the house! It is really a personal preference on the type of style you choose. Regardless of what you pick, it is sure to be a cherished and treasured memorial.

There are some lanterns specifically made for an outdoor setting. It is recommended that you place them under a covered patio to protect it from the elements for a longer lasting keepsake. Any item that is set out in a hot sun or freezing temperatures will eventually wear out or break under extreme conditions so be cautious in how you handle it.

The lantern products at The Funeral Program Site are recommended for indoor use and display.  All of the word art quote or sentiment written above your personalized text were created by the talented designers at this company. You can even have them design your own quote or saying on the lantern in the beautiful word art designs they make!

Lighting a memory is easy with this type of memorial. You can choose to turn it on every night, once a month or the annual death anniversary of your loved one. Light it whenever you want to hold a memory dear and honor a sweet life once lived.

There are also a large collection of memorial keepsakes for a lighted memorial such as the variety of candles they offer. So if you are looking for something to light with the soft glow of candlelight, there are many options for you to choose from. They are all personalized with either a photo and/or text which is far better than buying any old candle at the nearby store that offers no imprinting on it.

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