Philippines Funeral Programs

Philippines Funeral Programs

Posted by Admin on Nov 2nd 2018

The Philippines is a cluster of islands in Southeast Asia and gets tropical weather and also has its nice share of beach shorelines. The most famous destination is Boracay which is a beautiful island paradise of palm trees and crystal teal blue waters. This country is near and dear to my heart because it is my place of birth. Although I left the islands as a little girl to come to America and now a U.S. citizen, I still consider it my country. Most filipinos are faithful to their culture and heritage with strong bonds in family life. The people are warm and friendly and often make great hostesses and hosts.

This Philippine funeral program template design is taken from our heritage flag collection and displays this country's flag. The flag itself offers colors in navy, red, white and yellow.  It is reminiscent of the U.S. flag with the exception of the yellow stars and sun addition depicted on the white area. There is something about seeing the flag of your homeland. It strikes a cord from deep within which is why so many families opt to choose a piece of "home" by using the flag as the backdrop to the funeral program.

Creating a program by utilizing a template is a better option than creating one from scratch. Unless you want a very plain program with not much style or background, a template can save much time in the creative and technical process. Even if you want a background that is blank or the color of the paper you are printing on, you can achieve that with our DIY templates. Our backgrounds are removable so you can delete it if desired. You can also soften them up by making them more transparent. This is another option for those who prefer a less colorful background or just want the backdrop to be more subtle.

There are plenty of websites out there now that offer templates. You can expect to pay anywhere between $9-$40 depending on where you purchase it from. But be aware, all templates are not created equal!  The old adage of getting what you pay for rings true in this case. Of course if you are looking for a completely plain template, you can get one free from our facebook fan page so don't pay for one unless you really love it. Some websites offer templates with a background that anyone can insert into a program. You certainly don't want to have to pay for one that your daughter can make in 2 minutes. That's just not good use of your time or money. 

Make sure that the background looks professional and provides the support you need in case you have questions or run into any issues. The last thing you want to do is purchase it from someone who is overseas and not be able to get through to them. There is just something about speaking to someone over the phone as opposed to email. Yes, emailing has its place but during a time of loss, you need to get answers quick. It can also be comforting to hear the support personnel's voice to walk you through what you need. Websites like Etsy generally tend to have sellers who are overseas which in my humble opinion, is why the prices are so inexpensive.

Of course, if support is not a factor to you then any of these online marketplaces may be a good option. We generally don't recommend them because you just aren't sure which seller will provide support when needed. During a time of loss, you don't need to be spending extra time chasing after someone to either get a refund or get some help. Every template purchase will have questions because not all computers are configured the exact same. Everyone's computer is different and runs on their own operating system version, software versions may vary and whether your on a MAC or Windows computer.  All things come into play when using a template that is purchased from anywhere.

Most calls we receive at our technical support line is related to personal computer configuration. Word plays a big part in it since Microsoft makes WORD function differently in each version. Not to mention the procedure for some things are done a little differently. That is why our company is set apart. Because we anticipate issues, we are standing by behind this website to give you the support you need.

This funeral order of service program template design displays the beauty of the Philippines flag background for the person who loved their country. Your loved one’s photo is set in an oval framing with the flag as a soft backdrop. The back displays a complimentary shadowed background with a white transparent overlay perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography.The main colors for this funeral resolutions program template are red, white, blue, and yellow. The inside displays a complimentary colored background to display your funeral order of service design. We provide you with all the help you need to ensure you produce a beautiful funeral program through various different means on our website. So please reach out to us should you have questions or need help on how to do something. We're here for you!