Placing an Oval Photo in Our Funeral Program Template in Microsoft Word

Apr 29th 2018

If you've purchased a funeral program from us that recommends an oval photo of your loved one, here are some step by step instructions for inserting your photo.

You do not have to start with an oval photo. This technique will import a square or rectangular photo and make it an oval in Microsoft Word.

  1. Open your template and make sure the Drawing toolbar is displayed. You can either click on the Drawing tool on the standard toolbar, or you can use the Toolbars option from the View menu.
  2. Click on the AutoShapes tool on the Drawing toolbar. Word displays a menu of shape categories.
  3. Select the shape category desired. If you want to create an oval, choose the Basic Shapes category. Word displays a collection of shapes in the category.
  4. Click on the oval shape; it is the first shape in the third row.
  5. Click in your document where you want the shape to appear, and drag the mouse until the shape appears as you desire. Release the mouse button when the shape is correct. The shape should remain selected.
  6. Select the oval shape and right click.
  7. Choose Format AutoShape. Under FILL Color: pull down the window and select Fill Effects. Choose the PICTURE tab and select the photo you want to use from your hard drive. Also select a line to border the photo and choose a color.

Once the picture appears in the shape, you can adjust the size of the shape as you normally would, to make it appear as desired. The size of your photo will depend on what is displayed inside the oval framing. You may need to experiment with various sizes if you don't get the framing area you desire.

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